Illegal Immigrant Student Suggests Attacking Random White People…

An illegal immigrant student at the University of California, Berkeley, suggested “beating the shit out of white people” Thursday.

(Bring it, pansy-boy…)

Juan Prieto, an English student at UC Berkeley, made the remark on Twitter two days after receiving Berkeley’s Robert J. and Mary Catherine Birgeneau Recognition Award for Service to Undocumented Students.

(An award??? Shouldn’t he receive a prison sentence???)

“Let’s celebrate 5 de Mayo by going to Dolores Park and beating the shit out of white people, in the spirit of La Batalla de Pueblo,” tweeted Prieto, who later locked his Twitter account. The illegal immigrant student referred to a battle in Mexico in which the Mexican army defeated French occupiers.

The student describes himself as queer, “undocumxnted,” and a “pessimistic hoe” on his Twitter profile. “I’m an atheist because heaven has a border, and fuck borders,” his profile reads.

(So now he will beat up GOD???)

Prieto is the social media coordinator at UC Berkeley’s Undocumented Student Program, which provides academic help, legal support, and financial aid info to illegal immigrant students.

The English student posted his speech at the Chancellor’s Awards for Public Service ceremony to his Facebook profile.

“My mom broke legal bounds to get me here,” stated Prieto, “and that’s what we need allies to be doing.”

“I need you to break laws with us. Break the legal bounds, untie your hands because tied hands are not going to get us anywhere.”

The student explained that seeing heavy police presence at UC Berkeley “means his dad’s trembling hands when he has to lock the door when the police is [sic] in our apartment complex,” because his dad fears people will inquire about legal status.

(Here’s hoping you, your dad, and the rest of your family are swiftly deported back to where you BELONG…)

Prieto explained that he thought the best movement of his generation was not of the undocumented, but instead the Black Lives Matter movement, explaining that while the former movement “strives for assimilation to white supremacy,” Black Lives Matter “strives to liberate us from it.”

“We’re facing a very violent presidential administration that is set on its path to destroy the families that [President Trump] promised he would destroy,” said the student.

(For an English student, you have a surprising lack of comprehension of  what you see, hear, and read. The President of the United States…the nation you are an unwelcome illegal invader of…NEVER said ONE THING about destroying families. I personally want entire illegal families deported, that way they can stay together…where they belong. If a family was separated…that’s the fault of those who illegally entered our nation…)

Via: The Daily Caller


3 thoughts on “Illegal Immigrant Student Suggests Attacking Random White People…

    1. You probably couldn’t tell by my commentary, but he kind of pissed me off. I’m getting real tired of being threatened. I hate that these idiots attack random families, because of the color of their skin. It’s wrong, and it’s evil…

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