Comey Testimony Confirms: President Trump did NOTHING WRONG…The Obama/ Hillary team are Filthy and Corrupt…

Every American already knew this…I’m disappointed that the Conservatives have wasted time even considering the liberal screeching. Here are some basic truths everyone should bear in mind when dealing with dim-o-crats:

  1. Whatever they accuse others of is EXACTLY what they are guilty of. Dims are a dull, lazy, unimaginative bunch so they simply look at what they themselves are doing and accuse normal people of the same. They feel that if they are caught, the months of blaming innocent Americans for their evil will lesson the impact of the charges against them.

  2. Whatever they say is a lie and no matter how outrageous or inflammatory…It should be ignored. We need to stop giving a platform to the spittle-flecked raging babble of these idiots. Liberals do not have ANYTHING to contribute of value…EVER.

  3. Libbies have no comprehension of reality. Think of their issues; “gay marriage,” “global warming,” “inequality”…None of these things exist, yet the left has dedicated themselves to solving these non-existent “problems.”

President Trump in No Way Hindered the Bungling “investigation” of Russian Collusion…(Collusion That Never Existed)…

What’s the deal here? Hillary sold Uranium to the Ruskies and Obama promised more flexibility…the dim-o-crats have been in love with Russia, especially when it was communist, and every other tin-pot dictator for the last 100 years, but they accuse President Trump of colluding with them??? Really??? They are doing this to cause doubt in Conservatives, as liberals want nothing more than to give away our sovereignty. Here is Comey settling the non-issue…

So…we’re done now, right? We can get on to the travel ban, building the wall, dismantling Obamacare and all the things the American people are demanding.

Hillary and Obama DID Obstruct Justice, to Hide Hillary’s Corrupt Stench From the Public…

Alright…appoint a “special prosecutor” for this, and the other 280,000 things the progs have done to subvert the Constitution and destroy our nation. Put them in PRISON. I tire of seeing them run roughshod over our laws, get away with it, and sign a book deal.


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