Dem-Witch-Transomething will “Cast Spells” on our President, but not isis…It also feels like it has the Right to Refuse Service if such Service Would Violate it’s Beliefs…

This IS the democrat party…sad, sick, evil, stupid, and filled with a vile hatred of all that’s good and true…

Loomer, for Rebel Media, goes to a witchcraft shop in New York City where a queer (actually a transgender queer) (I’m not good enough in math to figure that out) will put spells on Trump.

She asks that a spell be put on ISIS and it refuses, saying it would be “Islamophobic.” When she reminds it that it would be thrown off a building under Sharia law the thing (I honestly don’t know how to identify it, sorry) throws her out of the shop (suddenly realizing she is wearing a pro-Trump shirt.)

Here’s the kicker.

This crusty merkin says that “it doesn’t have to provide service to anyone it doesn’t want to provide service to.”

Really? Sorta like not being compelled to bake a wedding cake for a gay marriage? That sorta thing?

Via: IOTWReport

This is nothing out of the ordinary…for liberals…who are evil and sick


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