Cross-Dressing “Immigrant” Lures Boy Away to Rape and Murder Him…


  • Azan Majid Janjua was raped and murdered after being snatched from mosque
  • Accused is a Pakistani immigrant reportedly known to victim’s parents 
  • Azan was son of Pakistani father and Russian mother and killed at the end of May
  • Suspect could face firing squad if found guilty of rape and murder of schoolboy

CCTV shows the suspect carrying a handbag and walking into a lift with a young boy.

Police believe that the man is a Pakistani immigrant who took Azan to the roof of the apartment block where he then raped and strangled the schoolboy.

Major General Maktoum Al Sharifi from Abu Dhabi Police said: ‘He cross-dressed as a woman because he knew that the boy would not go with a man without permission from his parents.’

Azan’s half-naked body was discovered by air-conditioning technicians on May 31 on the rooftop of the building where he lived.

Via: Daily Mail Online


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