Former U.S. Soldier David Eubank Forms Humanitarian Group, Returns to Mosul Because GOD told him to, and Saves Lives…

David Eubank: May GOD smile on him and his household, and protect them…

Eubank is a former U.S. soldier, now an aid worker in Mosul.

He went there, with his wife and kids, because he believes God sent him. He questions himself from time to time, but mostly he carries out his mission- saving lives.

Here he is running into harm’s way to save a young girl who was trapped by gunfire, amidst a pile of dead bodies, and in danger of falling into the hands of ISIS.

David Eubank is a better man than me. Better than most.

Via: IOTWReport

Here you have three Americans, risking their lives (and one of them is risking his family’s lives), far from home…to save a little girl from rape, torture, and death at the hands of muslims.

We salute you…

David Eubank, 56, pulled off the daring rescue in the embattled northern Iraq city, where allied forces have been on a grinding offensive to re-take the city from ISIS for the past eight months.

Eubank says he came across a group of civilians who had been gunned down by an ISIS sniper, and saw a toddler and a girl of five moving among the bodies.


A video shows him running to save the girl as two other members of the self-styled aid group – the Free Burma Rangers – provide covering fire with machine guns.

‘I thought, “If I die doing this, my wife and kids would understand”,’ Eubank told the Los Angeles Times.

Wearing a helmet and ballistic vest, Eubank charged into the kill zone and retrieved the young girl, who had her hair tied with pink ribbons.

Eubank returned to find the toddler, but was unsuccessful. Another injured man the team tried to save did not survive.


Eubank, who founded the Christian humanitarian group Free Burma Rangers after retiring from the US Army, led the group along with his wife Karen and their three children ages 11 to 16, into Mosul after hearing horror stories of ISIS’s treatment of civilians.


‘I believe God sent me here, and I don’t think about security… but I always ask myself if I’m doing it out of pride,’ he told the Times.

Not long after the rescue, Eubank, who grew up in Texas, and his family returned to the US, but he has said he is already thinking of another mission to Iraq.

At the time of the rescue of the little girl, Eubank was embedded with Iraqi troops.

His wife was home-schooling their children Sahale, 16, Suuzane, 14, and Peter, 11, at a room above the Iraqi 9th Division’s medical clinic, just a mile from the front line.


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