Finbury Park mosque Attack…Some things the “media” DOES NOT Want you to Know…

The Finsbury Park mosque has been the subject of much examination during the past decade. Its previous imam, Abu Hamza, was sentenced to life in prison for terrorist charges.

The charges against Hamza include the kidnapping of Western journalists in Yemen and the establishment of a militant training camp in Oregon that supplied the Taliban and Al-Qaida with terrorist fighters. His disciples make up a list of who’s who among barbaric murders.

In 2003, Hamza was arrested when it was discovered that the Finsbury Park mosque had stockpiled weapons, gas masks, and chemical suits. In 2004, the new cleric and vice-president of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), Mohammad Kozbar took over and attempted to clean up the mosque’s sullied image.

However, Hamza’s legacy lives on. In 2005, the Wall Street Journaldiscovered that one of the 9/11 attackers, Zacarias Moussaoui, was a London follower of Hamza. The shoe bomber who attempted to blow up a flight from Paris to Miami, Richard Reid, was also a disciple of the radical cleric. More problems for the Finsbury Park mosque emerged almost immediately. Jermaine Lindsay, Mohammad Sidique Khan, and Shehzad Tanweer killed 52 people in the 2005 London public transit bombings. These terrorists were known students of Hamza and attended the mosque. The attack took place on the day Hamza was set to stand trial.

In 2014, the HSBC—a global banking organization—announced that it would be closing the mosque’s accounts. Many reports have uncovered the mosque’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which was declared “contrary to our values and have been contrary to our national interests and our national security” in a 2015 report issued by the House of Commons.

Later that year, when reporter Ben Flanagan interviewed Kozbar about the mosque’s links to the Brotherhood of terrorists, he was locked in a room against his will. Flanagan was freed from the kidnapping only after police showed up.

In 2015, one of the suspects in the Paris massacre was also found to be a devotee of Hamza and had attended the Finsbury Park Mosque in North London.

With such an overwhelming amount of evidence against the mosque and its worshippers, it’s little wonder that perhaps some British people are tired of being subjugated to murder. Osborne’s despicable act injured Muslim pedestrians and intended to harm more. It seems fairly clear that his actions were a result of the recent months of violence England has undergone.

Seven people were murdered and 48 others injured in the London Bridge attack that happened two weeks ago. A week before that, 22 people were slaughtered at Manchester. In March, two people were killed in car attack at Westminster while others received “catastrophic injuries” at the hands of Muslim extremists.

What’s not so surprising is the rhetoric being used to describe the attack. Officials are equally comparing the incident with the previous Muslim-induced death tolls. May is saying that the violence is “every bit as sickening” as other outrages. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has issued extra protections for the Muslim community.

The viciousness of one man’s exasperation is being used to justify the other extremist attacks that claimed lives. His action gives fuel to those who want Islamist murderers protected. Liberals in England will point to the attack to validate every new atrocity carried out by Muslims. Indeed, the rhetoric is already defending them.

Prayers are being held around the city and people of all faiths have been leaving flowers at the site.

It’s obvious that Britain is at the breaking point. Appeasement policies do not work, and the latest attack shows that tensions are high. The father of four, Darren Osborne, from Cardiff in Wales had apparently had enough. His action was brutally wrong. However, the consequences of his violence may be more than England can stand.

Via: Georgette Walrath @ CDP

5 thoughts on “Finbury Park mosque Attack…Some things the “media” DOES NOT Want you to Know…

    1. Yep, it seems like this mosque is not exactly a beacon of peace and love for mankind…
      There would be many more people breathing oxygen today…many more men, women, and children enjoying this moment…if governments had not been so stupid as to allow muslims into their countries to prey on their citizens.

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    1. Thank you…The young lady who wrote the article is doing some really great work.
      Allowing liberal “ideas” to be woven into actual institutions as if they are legitimate concepts, has cost many people their lives.
      Everyone has to stop treating the insane theories from the left like they are actually coming from functioning human beings with real thoughts and feelings…they simply are not. Lefties should be locked away and treated, for their own good, and more importantly for the well-being of nations, society, and individuals. When you see a slobbering idiot, you should shoo it away from you and your family, call the police, etc….NOT give it a freaking job, or a position of power and authority…

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