Democrats Attack Again; Latino Trump Supporter Beaten with Beer Bottle…

This is what comes from letting the mental defects on the left pretend that they are normal and acceptable.

These imbeciles actually think they have a valid point. They actually think that they have something of value to say, something to add to the American experience.

They DO NOT.

Liberals need treatment, and they need to be removed from any place where they can do harm to themselves. They especially should not be allowed to roam freely among normal people where their shame, guilt, and obvious inadequacies might frustrate them to the point that they become violent…

Jovi Val was viciously attacked in New York City for wearing his “Make America Great Again” hat.

Val was reportedly socializing with friends in a bar when he accidentally dropped the hat while out on the dance floor. This is when a liberal patron of the bar, Emma Rodriguez, began stomping on his hat. Val asked her to stop, and that triggered her boyfriend into savagely attacking him.

“Unfortunately, my face in its current state represents the two faces of politics today, right and wrong. It’s a shame I can’t even enjoy myself with my friends in my MAGA hat without having to worry about getting attacked by the Left,” Val said.

Heinert’s sneak attack consisted of him smashing Val across the face with a beer bottle, which resulted in a broken nose and also a massive gash that required 15 stitches.

Via: EagleRising

Typical behavior for Bernie/ Hillary supporters…More HERE…and HERE


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