Chicago City Workers Send E-mails Offering a “Chicago Safari”…and More…

In a city scarred by a deep and troubling history with guns, a supervisor in the scandal-plagued water department used his city email account to negotiate firearms deals and make light of deadly Fourth of July violence in black neighborhoods by offering “Chicago Safari” tours, a new watchdog report revealed Monday.

The latest development in the ongoing investigation emerged as Inspector General Joseph Ferguson detailed how ousted district water superintendent Paul Hansen emailed with individuals over personal purchases or sales of at least four firearms and five cars.

Those emails about firearms started the investigation over his use of a government account for personal business, which is against city rules. And it quickly spread to other emails sent by Hansen, who is white and the son of a former alderman, to other water department bosses, according to City Hall sources.

In his quarterly report, Ferguson revealed a fresh string of anti-black emails sent to multiple high-ranking water department workers that touted a fake “Chicago Safari” package. It cited the number of shootings during a July Fourth weekend and guaranteed tourists would observe “at least one kill and five crime scenes” and also see “lots of animals in their natural habitat.”


Hansen’s racially charged emails included messages to fellow workers purported to be in “Ebonics,” sometimes called American black English, and a picture describing a swimming pool for a small African-American child who sits in a bucket filled with water while holding a slice of watermelon, the report found.

All packages include:

* 3 deluxe” Harold’s chicken” meals a day

* Accommodations at the New Halsted Motel- Rooms include pay phone by motel desk, triple deadbolt locks, window bars 

* we guarantee all bed sheets and covers will have at least one clean side and rooms 99% free of drug needles and crack pipes. 

We guarantee that you will see at least one kill and five crime scenes per three day tour.

You’ll also see lots and lots of animals in their natural habitat.


Via: ChicagoTribune

And: CrimeinChicago



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