“Transgender” Men are Shocked and Saddened that Normal Men Don’t want to Have Sex with Them…

After forcing their way into public, and into the wrong restroom with children, what’s next??? Will we be forced to service them???

A popular transgender blogger issued a flurry of tweets saying “straight” men should want to have sex with men who dress as women because genitals are “only flesh.”

“Zinnia” Jones tweeted that if a normal man doesn’t desire a transgender man he is prejudice and should “work through” it.

“I don’t see a problem with telling straight guys who are exclusionary of trans women partners that they should try to work through that,” Jones tweeted.

He said men who want to be women should be treated “as the women they are,” adding that to consider transgenders sexually undesirable is “exclusionary.” Jones claimed that for straight men to desire only biological women “should be an outlier and marginal position.”

Jones continued the barrage of tweets, some of which cannot be published on this site, basically characterizing heterosexual-only attraction as “misplaced and inappropriate.”  He tweeted that the number of men who are looking just for a female mate is “artificially inflated by social stigma and biases.”

Jones somehow discerned that straight men “want us but refuse to ever admit it, and cover it with transphobia.” The male would-be-woman then counseled straight men that touching male genitals is “way less of an issue than most people think it is … It’s just flesh. You can probably deal with it.”

He repeatedly teaches that penises are simply part of a woman’s body.

Via: LifeSiteNews

Why are men so insensitive??? Listen as this man tells of the rejection he faces while in costume as a woman…(My favorite quote: “Straight guys just can’t get over you having the male…parts…”)

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