Racist at Cracker Barrel…

If you’ve never dined at a Cracker Barrel restaurant, you’ve missed out on something good. Great food, great service, and prices less than what you would pay for a fast food meal.

In the Winter there’s a roaring fire, and year round each store is filled with antiques and unique items in their gift shop. It’s also generally an indication of a good exit for you and the family to stop at, as most of the locations they choose are in relatively safe areas.

What complaint could anyone have against these restaurants??? Well, for this racist lady the complaint was too many White people.

(Well, it IS called “Cracker” Barrel)…


Who does this?


Rather than simply enjoying a quality, affordable meal she is concerned about the “sea of White folk in cowboy hats.”

These strange people she mocks are called AMERICANS, and not only will they let her “black ass” walk out, they will politely hold the door for her as they did when she arrived. They will help her if her car won’t start, and pray for her soul. They would have bought her meal if she had been hungry and short on cash. They would probably have protected her if some thugs had descended on her in the restaurant or the parking lot.

Some people are just full of hate, and full of crap. The democrats fill them to overflowing by constantly dividing people by race, ethnicity, class, and more.

Being a “liberal” is a sad, stupid way to stumble through life.


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