The Policeman who Took on the London Bridge muslim Terrorists…Alone…with a Stick…

GOD bless this gentleman. He did his job and saved some lives…

On June 3rd, Police Officer Wayne Marques was enjoying a shift break at a London bar. He was watching the main European soccer tournament.

Then the screams came.

Three jihadists had crashed into pedestrians on London bridge and were now attacking members of the public in nearby Borough Market.

Others froze. Marques did not.

He sprung into action, running towards the chaos.

Speaking to the BBC, Marques explained what sight met him.

“I had no real idea what was going on — and I hear this woman scream behind me. I look and see a young woman and she is being attacked by the first one. I see another man running towards me and he falls flat. When he falls to the floor I see the first attacker with the knife in his hand. And then my brain starts to click into gear. This guy on the floor is pleading for his life and the attacker stands over him and continues to attack him.”

Marques was undeterred.

“I take my baton with my right hand and I rack it. I take a deep breath and I charge in. I try to take the first one out in one go. I swing as hard as I can — everything behind it — aiming straight through his head.”

The strike worked, the terrorist was thrown off balance and tumbled to the floor. Unfortunately for Marques and fortunately for the public under attack, his response attracted the two other attackers. He then brawled with them as they stabbed his eyes, legs and body.

Somehow Marques didn’t go down. And keeping the attention of the terrorists, he almost certainly saved at least two or three lives. After about 90 seconds, clearly intimidated by the officer they faced, the terrorists regrouped and prepared to finish him. Shouting “Allahu Akbar,” they met Marques holding his own. His courage won out. The terrorists decided he was too much of a challenge, civilians were easier prey.

Police backup then arrived. Marques, however, still recognized his duty.

“I said, ‘you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go get them.’ I was bleeding out all over — I knew I had been damaged and hurt. In my left eye, that black shroud starts to close in. I knew time was up. I thought that was it, my time is coming to an end. I call the officer who is holding my hand, I’ve got blood in my mouth and I’m spitting it out. I start to give him my last messages for my family and partner. He’s like, ‘no, mate.’ And I’m saying, ‘just do it’ and the last light goes. I’m out.”

The terrorists were shot and killed soon after. Eight innocents were also killed in the atrocity, but though seriously wounded — and temporarily blinded — Marques survived. He now takes 25 pills a day as he recovers his health. But he has no great self-regard for his selfless act. As he told the BBC at the conclusion of his interview, “All I was trying to do was keep people alive. That was my job, keep people alive. And that’s what I did, that’s what I tried to do.”

Serving his city and his country with such devotion, Marques now deserves the highest recognition. Were Marques in the British military, he would be awarded its equivalent of the Medal of Honor, the Victoria Cross. It is reserved for acts of “most conspicuous bravery … in the presence of the enemy.” But seeing as he is not in the military, this isn’t an option. And the Queen’s Police medal is insufficient.

So there’s only one solution.

Prime Minister Theresa May should nominate Marques for a Knighthood. His chivalry is, without question, of the highest order.

Via: WashingtonExaminer

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