Illegal Alien Woman in South Carolina has Baby at Work; Throws Newborn in Trash to Die…

This destroys the left’s narrative that “illegals are just doing the jobs Americans won’t do” as democrat women routinely throw their babies in the trash…

The Greenville, South Carolina Police Department has  two women in custody who are facing charges after putting a newborn in the trash to die.

The Greenville Police Officers were called to La Parrilla restaurant  for an emergency concerning a newborn in cardiac arrest. Police discovered that the mother, 18-year-old Estela Ruiz-Gomez, gave birth to the baby in the bathroom. The newborn was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. After an examination, officials said they could find no medical reason for the child’s death but said dirt and gravel were found on the baby’s body.

When coroners returned to the restaurant for further investigation, they discovered that Ruiz-Gomez and the baby’s grandmother, 39-year-old Lorenza Gomez Rodriguez, work at the restaurant.

The officers said that the teen took a break during her shift bussing tables, complaining of a stomach ache. When her mom went to check on her, she returned from the bathroom saying the Ruiz-Gomez needed to go to the hospital. After the pair left the bathroom, police said an employee emptied the trash in the restrooms and, as she was dragging the bag across the parking lot, it tore open and the newborn fell out onto the pavement. The baby’s father, who was at the restaurant, retrieved the newborn and brought him inside where EMS was called to the scene.

The baby’s death has been ruled a homicide since he would not have survived in the trash. Detectives charged Ruiz-Gomez with homicide by child neglect and Rodriguez with aiding and abetting homicide by child abuse.

Homeland Security is investigating both suspects due to their immigration status and said Ruiz-Gomez was ordered to leave the country in 2016 but failed to do so.

The suspects are currently being held at the Greenville County Detention Center without bond.

Via: FOXCarolina

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