Sick California “Teacher” Puts His Own Special Surprise Onto Flutes He Made For Children…

A music teacher in Southern California has allegedly been using kids for his disgusting perverted desires. According to reports, the unidentified man was arrested on sexual misconduct for soiling thousands of flutes, which were given to underprivileged students over the last five years.

The international distribution program was designed to deliver musical instruments to needy students. Flutes were given to as many as 13 different school districts, but a recent letter sent to parents explained that the instruments had been “contaminated with bodily fluids.” Parents are being urged to turn over the instruments to police in order to examine them for semen.

Based on current information, the individual in question was responsible for conducting the program at Culver City Unified School District. The educator distributed instruments to one grade level in 2012-2013, according to Interim Superintendent Leslie Lockhart.

Parents were naturally outraged over the fact that a person charged with the well–being of their children was secretly depraved and used his position to perform revolting acts of inappropriate sexual conduct.

People with sick perversions are becoming more emboldened by the current liberal push to publically accept all forms of sexual deviancy. In the past (actually, not that many years ago), people in society recognized that personal sexuality was best kept private. In order for a community to function, some behaviors that are morally unacceptable must not be paraded in the street.

However, it appears that many liberals in the country seek to establish a culture like ancient Sodom. And, it’s becoming more than obvious that the leftist agenda to force people to accept all sorts of behavior and “identities” has given pedophiles the courage to act on their freakish desires. This man obviously got a sick thrill by contaminating instruments that children would put on their mouths.

Via: CDP

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