Lady Lures Man With Sex, Asks Repeatedly if He is a “Serial Killer,” Then Leaps on Him, Stabs Him, and Tries to Eat His Heart…

“Well, I am a serial killer!”…Amy Brown…

In a horrific case of “almost,” a woman who aspired to be a serial killer was sentenced to 18 years in prison on Tuesday. After attempting to kill a man she had met on Craigslist, Amy Brown’s seriously disturbed intentions were discovered. Fortunately, her fantasies about becoming a murdering cannibal did not come to fruition.

Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Michael Downes was tasked with sentencing the young woman. From the bench he said Brown’s behavior was an abomination and stated, “I’m not all that often at a loss for words but … this leaves me near speechless.” He added, “It’s cruel. It’s bizarre. It’s beyond the pale of how humans should treat each other.”

The ghastly incident Downes was referring to happened this January in Lynnwood, Washington. Brown lured her victim to a motel room where she straddled him and tried to cut out his heart using a pocket knife. The man fought and escaped, but had a punctured lung. He would have died if he hadn’t received immediate medical attention.

When police searched Brown’s bedroom, they found a life-sized coffin and a journal outlining her plans to commit more than one murder. She even had a drawing of an imaginary “murder shack.”

Brown told arresting officers after she was apprehended running across a parking lot with the bloody knife, “I decided I wanted to become a serial killer and claim my first victim. It didn’t work.”

The victim had been encouraged by his counselor to increase his social activities, so he placed a Craigslist advertisement in the personal section that proposed someone “go zombie hunting” with him, as a joke.

Brown saw the ad and the couple decided to go out. According to the court records, Brown said that she would have sex with the victim, so they went to a motel. While sitting on the bed together, she asked him if he was a serial killer more than once. Each time the man said no.

The victim reported that after about the seventh time she asked, she jumped on him and plunged the knife into his chest and shouted, “Well, I am a serial killer!”

During the sentencing, the judge pointed to a note found in Brown’s pocket that said, “If you are wondering what I do with the heart, I eat it. I will strike again.” She told police that she planned to leave it with the victim’s body.

Judge Downes rejected the plea for mercy and sentenced Brown to 18 years, saying “You made a conscious decision to kill this guy.” He added that her behavior was an abomination and that the punishment was “well deserved.”

Fortunately, Downes’ sentence has ensured that this potential monster isn’t free to find another victim or actively plan any other gruesome acts.

Via: CDP

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