Hey, NFL Scouts: Here Are Some Prospects For You…

O.K., Let’s talk About “Systemic Racism.” Let’s Have a Real Conversation About Being Attacked Simply Because of the Color of Your Skin…

First Up: These Punks Thought it Was a Grand Idea to Endanger Lives by STEALING Someone Else’s Car (Twice) and Running From the Police…Here is Their Court Appearance:

Next: This Young Lady Responded Incorrectly to “Does black lives matter?” She, Being a Racist Aggressor, Hatefully Responded that “All Lives Matter.” Fortunately, Future NFL All-Stars Were Nearby to “Correct” Her…

(Watch Full-Screen for Best Viewing)

Last for Today: These Young Men Went Fishing…On the Wrong Pier. Luckily, Some Future Draft Picks Were On Hand to Politely Inform them of Their Error…

(Watch Full-Screen for Best Viewing)



DONE…With the NFL!!!

Cartoon Via: Branco



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