12 thoughts on “Italian Lady IS “Woke”…Listen as She Lays Down Some TRUTH About the mulsim Invasion of Her Country…

  1. We’re in a “The Camp of the Saints” szenario. Actually, it’s much worse than that.
    Talk to anyone on the street about the mess we’re in and every single person will agree with you that there isn’t any way to repatriate all these rapefugees by legal, democratic means.
    We’re simply roo deep in the shit to solve this peacefully.
    They won’t just leave.

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    1. AWESOME comment. We love to hear from real people and get the truth of what’s actually going on, as opposed to the rosy picture of the “refugees” painted by the “media” and some “leaders.” I wish I could read your blog, but I haven’t yet found any way to translate it. If you don’t mind telling…where are you located, Germany?

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      1. As beautiful my great Fatherland is (Austrians are part of the German people), I would only want to permanently live in the regions that formerly made up the GDR. The former West Germany is mostly gone. Flooded by immigrants and plagued by political correctness.
        Death March oft the West.
        ….NotWende: Sorry I removed the video, but I will not post anything with racial slurs, anything anti-Jew, or anything with nazi imagery…We LOVE Jews, HATE nazis, and have no problem with blacks, or anyone else who is American, Christian, and supports the U.S.A. and the Constitution…Frank

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