New York City: muslim “Diplomats” Sexually Assault American Women and Face NO Charges Because of “Diplomatic Immunity”…

A Sudanese man dodged arrest for groping a woman and fleeing from cops Sunday — all because he’s a diplomat, according to police sources.

Hassan Salih, 36, grabbed the 23-year-old victim’s butt and breast while they were on the dance floor at Third Avenue’s Bar None at around 2:25 a.m., the sources said.

The woman complained to bouncer Tracy Juniors about the pervy patron, and Juniors detained Salih until police could arrive, the sources said.

While cops were interviewing Salih and his accuser, Salih allegedly tried to run, so police cuffed him and put him in a cruiser.

But Salih pulled the diplomatic immunity card, and was allowed to go free after investigators confirmed he works for the Sudanese mission to the United Nations, the sources said.

The mission’s Web site lists Salih as a “second officer” — a mid-level position requiring five to 10 years of experience.

In May, Salih was selected to represent Sudan on a UN committee that oversees nongovernmental human-rights organizations, according to UN Watch.

It was not clear whether he was drinking alcohol at the bar. Booze was outlawed in his home country under Muslim Sharia law in 1983.

The penalty for possessing alcohol there is 40 lashes and a fine, according to a BBC report.

Neither Salih nor the Sudanese mission responded to repeated requests for comment.

Sunday’s incident was the second time this year an emissary from the north African state has been accused of forcible touching .Sudanese diplomat Mohammad Abdalla Ali was arrested in January for allegedly grinding his crotch on a 38-year-old woman aboard an uptown 4 train in the middle of the afternoon.

Charges against him were dropped when he provided papers proving his diplomatic immunity.

Diplomatic immunity protects envoys from arrest in host countries, often leaving local law enforcement in a lurch.

“It happens all the time,” a high-ranking law-enforcement source said. “They assault women and then they claim diplomatic immunity and they let them go.

“Cops generally get upset that these guys just thumb their noses at them. ‘Ha, ha. You can’t do anything to me.’ ”

Only the government sponsoring the diplomat can waive his or her immunity, but countries often call their functionaries home if they get into trouble here.

In July, Afghan diplomat Mohammad Yama Aini was arrested — and subsequently released — after his wife complained to hospital workers in Queens that he had beated her. He was recalled to Afghanistan for an investigation.

Via: CreepingSharia

6 thoughts on “New York City: muslim “Diplomats” Sexually Assault American Women and Face NO Charges Because of “Diplomatic Immunity”…

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Problem is not the City, the problem is the US State Department. They have the directive about diplomatic immunity. Common story. Drugs, sex, guns, murder. Murder they expelled the guy, not a diplomat but one of the workers who the diplomat “deputized”. Eight months later, the guy came back to America and was in custody for assaulting a hooker in a hotel.

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      1. I raised the same issue, more than once, and was told that DC controls everything regarding diplomats and their staff. I believe the CIA has people inserted via diplomatic service, as does foreign governments. Too many diplomat staff, are arrogant and I did after it was explained, believe the people were spies for their governments. But, in consolation, the best way to reach the monthly “demand” (quota) for summonses to write, DPL license plates on anything near a fire hydrant, earns the summons. The driver rips it up and I can do nothing about it, but I am one summons closer to tapping out for the month. Works for me. Nothing is on the level.

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  2. Well no justice no peace what do I want Muslim Brotherhood terrorist designation and the elimination of public enemy number one CAIR is Hamas when do I want it now pork chops for Islamist beer served hourly and burn the Quran Fried like bacon yes we can

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