Things the “Mainstream Media” Hides From You: “Refugee” Rapes and Impregnates 13 Year Old Girl in Utah…

A Salt Lake City man has been charged with raping and impregnating a 13-year-old girl. The charges were filed after DNA collected from the newborn baby proved he was the father. It only made local news. In fact, to find out he’s a Sudanese refugee, you have to go deep into the article originally sourced at the AP.

The media is hiding these crimes from the public.

William Piol Makuei, 52, was charged by the Utah Attorney General’s Office Wednesday with two counts of rape of a child, a first-degree felony. He impregnated a 13-year old.

Detectives learned that the girl had been raped multiple times by a man only known as “William.” On one occasion, William offered the girl something to drink.

“She then fell asleep. When she woke up, her clothes were off,” the charges state.

On another occasion, the girl was walking home from the store when William drove up next to her and told her to get in.

“William threatened that ‘something bad would happen’ to her family if she did not get in the car,” it states in the charges.

The girl was taken to a house and raped, according to police.

Based on the description from the girl, investigators reviewed the records of a “Sundanese man named William who lived in the same refugee community” as the girl, according to court documents.

In August, the girl gave birth to her child. Investigators collected DNA from the baby and followed Makuei “until he discarded a cigarette butt on the ground outside of his vehicle.

“Investigators collected the cigarette butt and submitted it to Sorensen Forensics for DNA for paternity testing. On Jan. 19, 2017, Sorensen Forensics returned a report that the sample from William Piol Makuei was a match for the father of (the child),” according to the charges.

He has been arrested and held without bail.

Last June, there was a case in Twin Falls, Idaho involving three juvenile boys, two from Sudan and one from Iraq, who allegedly sexually assaulted a 5-year-old special-needs girl in the laundry room of the Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls. The US Attorney Wendy J. Olson was far more concerned about the boys having been mis-identified as Syrian and livid there might be negative repercussions to the immigrant community. Newspapers wouldn’t report much about the case.

In early January, A refugee newly arrived from Somalia has been tried and convicted for attempting to sexually assault a special-needs woman while she was sitting outside of a home for the disabled in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Even local media didn’t publish the story.

There are many other cases.

Small cities in the nation’s heartland – the Dakotas, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky – are all magnets for refugees from Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma, Democratic Republic of Congo and Syria because of the meatpacking companies’ unquenchable thirst for cheap foreign labor.

Small towns are being inundated with a heavy influx of refugees sent there by the U.S. State Department in cooperation with the United Nations. Crime in places like Amarillo has gone through the roof because of it. 

“Our city [Amarillo, Texas] is failing because of the refugees. We have 22 different languages spoken in our schools. We’ve got 42 languages being fielded by our 9-1-1 call centers, and crime is just through the roof. We need to exercise caution, especially for the sake of our children,” one speaker told towns people in Montana where she recently moved. People were there to find out the well-hidden truth.

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