Genius: What Did He Do?

When you’re out doing criminal activities it’s best to obey the traffic laws and fly under the radar.

Freddie T. Gilbert wasn’t havin’ none of that crap…

Kaufman County Sheriff’s investigators arrested a 33-year-old man Sunday after a female body was found in the trunk of his vehicle following a brief pursuit on I-20.

Freddie T. Gilbert allegedly fired a gun at another driver on U.S. 80 in Forney, according to the sheriff’s office. He was stopped after a brief pursuit and told a deputy that there was a body in the trunk of the vehicle.

The body has been identified as that of Jac Quisha Isaac, 19, of Dallas.

Wait…It gets better…

Because Gilbert was in possession of guns and ammunition at the time of his arrest, deputies conducted an unclothed search at the Kaufman County Detention Center early Monday morning.

During that search, two bags of drugs fell out of Gilbert’s anus, according to an arrest warrant.One bag was believed to contain marijuana, and the other allegedly contained crack cocaine, investigators say.

Gilbert was charged with evading arrest with a vehicle and for bringing a prohibited item into the jail.

Lt. Jolie Stewart said additional charges related to the discovery of the body were expected.

According to Stewart, sheriff’s deputies picked up the pursuit call after a reported rage incident in Forney.Radio traffic indicated a driver reported someone had shot at their windshield in Forney off U.S. 80 and took off. The vehicle was described as a black Hyundai.

The driver of the car in Forney was uninjured.

Kaufman County deputies spotted the vehicle eastbound on I-20 and the high speed chase reached speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour, according to radio traffic.



8 thoughts on “Genius: What Did He Do?

              1. Yes. It is also the reason why I tell people who prep for disasters and only figure on worse case scenarios, to leave a little margin for the unexpected good things, such as people banding together to help one another and to help the less fortunate. I usually tell people not to be surprised if they see a miracle happen right before their eyes, and at times, they, too, could be a miracle in someone else’s life.
                Even the shark lawyers in court, once they got to know me, said that I was pretty sharp, and had a soft spot inside. I told the lawyers, that, was a vicious rumor somebody started. They just grinned and said nothing.

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