Belgian Mother Ran Down in NYC muslim Terror Attack Loses Both Her Legs…

A Belgian mother who biked for charities all over the world had to have both her legs amputated after they were severely mangled in Tuesday’s terror attack in lower Manhattan.

Marion Van Reeth, 54, was one of twelve people hospitalized following the attack, along with her husband and 16-year-old-son, who both suffered neck and head injuries.

She was initially listed as having “massive trauma to both legs,” but a Belgian government official in New York, who insisted on anonymity, confirmed the worst case scenario, adding that the family has given strict instructions that they wished to be left in private.

Van Reeth is a marketing communications manager for Brussels Airlines, according to their website, and was part of the company-sponsored charitable program “Bike for Africa,” which took her on long expeditions through Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Senegal and Gambia.

Via: WZ

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