Now We Know Why Taco Bell Doesn’t Have French Fries: “This is racism at its f—king finest”…

A hungry liberal claimed she couldn’t order French fries at a Taco Bell — because workers there are racist, a now viral video shows.

The unidentified, and apparently very confused woman enters the fast food joint and tells the cashier, “I just literally want a medium French fries from the dollar menu,” the two-minute social media video shows.

The Taco Bell worker then chimes in saying, “French fries? We don’t sell French fries” to which the would-be customer responds: “You’re Burger King. You don’t sell French fries?”

Attempting to clear up the confusion, the employee says, “You think you’re in Burger King. This is Taco Bell. Welcome to Taco Bell…we don’t sell French fries.”

Then the agitated woman appears to ask for some variation of French fries from the burrito and taco franchise before she turns around and addresses other customers saying: “This is racism at its f—king finest.”

A patron at the eatery can be heard telling her “It’s not, girl,” prompting her to double-down and say “No, it is.”

The patron then tells the woman, “They got tacos and burritos…look at the menu,” before another customer jumps in and is heard calling the woman “ignorant as f—k.”

The woman appears to grow increasingly agitated, saying she had asked a worker at the window, “‘Do you sell French fries?’ And she said nothing to me. She just looked at me like I was a piece of sh-t.”

“I have enough problems in my life,” the woman says as a Taco Bell worker tries to alleviate the situation before the woman finally walks out.

Via: JWF


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