Vice President of the United States Helps Clean the Vietnam Memorial on Veterans Day…

Vice President Mike Pence got down to business on Veterans Day when he joined in efforts to clean up the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC on Saturday.

Pence grabbed rubber gloves and got scrubbing, and later gave a speech at Arlington National Cemetery commending veterans for their sacrifice.

‘This is the land of the free because it’s still the land of the brave, and you – our veterans – are our brave,’ he told the crowd.

Pence lay a wreath to remember the war dead before telling the veterans: ‘You step forward, you counted our lives more important than yours.

‘And we thank God, who – as Solomon says – trained your hands for war and gave you the strength to advance against a troop, but also brought you home safe to your loved ones and a grateful nation.’

That came after he cleaned a reminder of those whom God did not deliver home: The 58,318 names on the Vietnam War Memorial.

Pence, whose father was a Korean War veteran and whose son is a Marine, donned yellow gloves during the early-morning clean-up operation.

‘Good morning all,’ he told the 40 or so other volunteers, ‘Mike Pence. Great of you all to be here. Happy Veterans Day.’

Pence scrubbed and dried, with a little help on the higher-up areas from his taller colleague, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

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4 thoughts on “Vice President of the United States Helps Clean the Vietnam Memorial on Veterans Day…

      1. You’re welcome, and on behalf of every veteran, it was our honor and privilege, to serve America and the People of the United States. I would do it all over in a heartbeat, and I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts, so would most, do it all over, again, with pleasure.

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