President Trump is Correct Again: The F.B.I. is in Tatters…

President Trump said the F.B.I. was left in tatters by the liberals and leftist mouthpieces exploded in the agency’s defense. Here’s the thing…the F.B.I. and former Obama officials don’t get to decide the agency’s status and level of competency…WE DO!


The Clinton and Obama administrations gutted the F.B.I., the C.I.A., the military and many other national institutions and filled them with blithering idiot leftists who are loyal to the global vision of the progressives. I’m not sure who said this, but it perfectly sums up the Democrat’s method:


  1. Identify an institution

  2. Kill it

  3. Gut it and skin it

  4. Prance about wearing its skin as a skin suit, while demanding respect

When I grew up, I had the utmost respect for the F.B.I.

They were “untouchable” by corruption, and they always “got their man.” I read books on the spy catching, gangster killing g-men who never failed to bring the bad guy to justice.

Fast forward til today. It’s been more than two months since the mass shooting attack in Las Vegas, and the agency still has no idea of the killer’s motive. The timeline and other BASIC investigative details has changed so many times that any press conference is pretty much useless…We get no details, no relevant questions from the “media,” and whatever information is shared will probably be inaccurate.

The agency’s best idea to fight terrorism is to hide any reference to terrorists from it’s training material. The F.B.I. fumbled on the Clinton-Lynch secret tarmac meeting, lied about it, and then were more concerned about the American public finding out about the meeting than the fact that the highly improper chat occurred.

The agency, like anything else the left touches…IS IN TATTERS!

Do I think that there are still agents who try and do the right thing, who are competent, and serve us and our Constitution well?

Of course.

But the Democrats have tried to purge the F.B.I. of all the good ones they could find, and have smothered the rest under a top-heavy bureaucracy of liberal ideologues who all need to be escorted out the door.

What’re we supposed think when it’s revealed the man running the Hillary Clinton email server investigation (Peter Strzok) was a married Hillary supporter conducting an adulterous affair with a government lawyer, while dissing Donald Trump in his clandestine billet-doux text messages?

(Was he auditioning for Harvey Weinstein’s next movie, assuming Weinstein is ever allowed to make a movie again or even would make one that in any way besmirched his good friend Hillary?)

As an FBI agent, Strzok’s use of text messaging for such an enterprise was nothing short of moronic in this digital age, but nevertheless he was not fired but simply and quietly sent to FBI  “Siberia” last summer, his activities only miraculously coming to public attention last week.

Why the secrecy? Many reasons, probably yet to be determined, but it comes down to this: the FBI, like the Mafia, practices omertà.

They have a code of silence as Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, who spends his life trying to pry information from our supposedly premier law enforcement agency, can tell you.  Ditto, now, the House Intelligence Committee, whose chairman Devin Nunes, as Byron York reports for the Washington Examiner, is apoplectic.

Word of the messages and the affair were news to Nunes, even though the committee had issued a subpoena that covered information about Strzok’s demotion more than three months ago. The committee’s broadly worded subpoena for information related to the so-called Trump dossier went to the FBI and DOJ on Aug. 24. In follow-up conversations on the scope of the subpoena, committee staff told the FBI and DOJ that it included information on the circumstances of Strzok’s reassignment.

On Oct. 11, Nunes met with deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein. In that meeting, Nunes specifically discussed the committee’s request for information about Strzok.

In an Oct. 31 committee staff meeting with the FBI, bureau officials refused a request for information about Strzok.

On Nov. 20, the committee again requested an interview with Strzok. (Three days earlier, on November 17, Strzok met with the Senate Intelligence Committee.)

On Nov. 29, Nunes again spoke to Rosenstein, and again discussed Strzok.

On Dec. 1, the committee again requested to speak with Strzok.

Obviously nothing has been forthcoming until now.  But speaking of FBI stonewalling, there’s this new revelation from Fitton, concerning the “happenstance” meeting between Bill Clinton and then AG Loretta Lynch at the Phoenix airport.  The “accidental” encounter supposedly resulted in some chit-chat about grandchildren, but only a few days later then FBI director Comey announced he wouldn’t recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton:

Because of the revelation in our other lawsuit, the FBI – without our knowledge—”reopened” our [July 7, 2016] FOIA request. The agency supposedly found about 30 pages of information, which it needed six weeks to review. The FBI finally gave them to us late Thursday.

Now we know why the FBI played shell games. The documents show that FBI officials were concerned solely about the leaking of details of the tarmac meeting. None of the documents show top agency officials cared one whit about the propriety of the meeting itself, but only about who blew the whistle on the covert tête-à-tête.

In one email, an FBI official writes “we need to find that guy.” And in another we learn that the Phoenix FBI office was contacted “in an attempt to stem any further damage.” An FBI official working on Lynch’s security detail even goes so far as to suggest non-disclosure agreements to keep the full facts from coming forth.

No wonder the FBI didn’t turn these documents over until we caught it red-handed, hiding and lying about them.

Simply put, the FBI appears to be fully complicit in a cover-up that attempted to influence a presidential election for a favored candidate – Hillary Clinton. And the truth was trampled on a Phoenix tarmac.

Via: PJM

2 thoughts on “President Trump is Correct Again: The F.B.I. is in Tatters…

  1. I haven’t checked in here for a while because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂


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