Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey Bashes the U.S.A. on Pearl Harbor Day…

Let me make this crystal clear right now: I don’t give a flyin’ damn what Europe thinks.

I find much of Europe to be unwashed, ignorant, effeminate, uncultured and ungrateful. If you are European, you either live in a country the U.S. saved, or a country the U.S. stomped into the ground.

I get that some of you don’t like our President and I understand that our freedom, our firearms, our trucks, our GOD, and our rock and roll scare you.

I also understand that your hate is actually redirected envy.

It’s very apparent that the absolute BEST of European stock escaped the 800 year old slums you call a nation and came to a REAL nation…The United States of America. Obviously it wears on your mind that the upstart U.S.A. has surpassed your entire continent in every way, and knowing that from time to time you require American studs to come and save your tiny “nations” (and satisfy your women).


You need to understand that it’s all your fault. Perhaps you could emulate us? Perhaps after a few decades you could regain some semblance of manhood?

I normally don’t bash so hard on Europe and I know that there are still some fine people living there, but this wine swilling idiot has pissed me off.

The French ambassador to the United States used Pearl Harbor Day as an occasion to bash America’s position on World War II in the 1930s.

“In this Pearl Harbor day, we should remember that the US refused to side with France and UK to confront fascist powers in the 30s,” Gérard Araud wrote Thursday night in a now-deleted tweet.

The attack on a US naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on Dec. 7, 1941, signaled America’s entrance into the war.

The French ambassador quickly deleted the misguided tweet — but continued to defend the sentiment in subsequent missives.

“UK, France and US committed awful mistakes in the 30s. Because of its geography, France was the first to pay for them,” he said.

In yet another tweet, Araud finally acknowledged the US contribution in the war.

“We are immensely grateful for what the US did for France in 1944 but it is a fact that US, France and UK commited mistakes in the 30s,” he said.

Via: NYP

Now Gérard, let me get this straight.

It’s somehow OUR fault that your nation couldn’t defend itself. It’s “our bad” that we didn’t rush in at your first girlish squeal and take the positions that you ran away from.

Didn’t we JUST SAVE YOUR WEAK ASSES a few decades earlier? And rebuild your country (And make the Germans pay for it)?

France has repeatedly worked against U.S. interests around the globe and a few years ago, French citizens desecrated the graves of British soldiers.

Be glad I’m not in charge. I would have lined up warships at your coast, landed Marines, dug up OUR soldiers and brought them home.

In front of the entire world.

Then I would have publicly told Germany that we will defend you no longer.

Again, I apologize to any real men and women in Europe, may GOD smile on you.

But, Gérard and his ilk need to know this: Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’. You leave the United States alone and if you don’t like what we do and who we are…Tough!

You’ll take and you’ll like it!

Until you learn to say “Merci beaucoup, America!” you need to SHUT the HELL UP…

4 thoughts on “Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey Bashes the U.S.A. on Pearl Harbor Day…

  1. During the 1920s and 1930s, British financiers, along with some parliament members, were actively engaging in trying to damage the US economy and the US Dollar. It was nothing new. That all started after the War of 1812. Mid-to-Late 19th century had Britain giving a serious push and the US economy did in fact stumble. Renowned thinker, Bertrand Russell, was severely anti-America. The highest of thinkers in Britain, all, held America in contempt. Again, the actions resumed after WW2, but the Cold War, the UN, and the Korean War, threw the monkey wrench into the works. Lady Margaret Thatcher, put her foot down and stopped it. In America, she is held in high esteem. In Britain, many people continue to hate her memory. Today, the problems are not what they were long ago, as communism, has infiltrated and overtaken many people desiring to be elites, but the truth of the matter is, they simply do not want to do an honest day’s work, that is why they seek everything equal, and not wanting to work for anything. They are worthless.

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  2. Unfair to blame the French for the actions of jihaddies. I have no love for the French. They are beneath contempt on almost every level, but do not blame them for this. They have enough sins to bear.

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