Sweden: Muslim “Refugee” Rapes Cancer Patient Near Her Child Because She “Disrespected” Him…

When a 35-year-old Armenian migrant, who remains unnamed due to Sweden’s media censorship, arrived in Umeå as an asylum seeker, he was one of the very few Muslim migrants to seek out and obtain employment. Opening his own pizzeria, he was lauded as a successful example of the left’s immigration policies.

Unfortunately, his economical attribution was quickly shadowed by his cultural contributions.

In October 2017, the Armenian migrant forced his way into the apartment of a young woman, who had recently undergone surgery for cervical cancer, and brutally raped her in front of her toddler because she had refused to buy his pizzeria and “slammed the door in his face.”

According to Fria Tider, the migrant was outraged that the Swedish woman would speak to him as an equal instead of respecting his superiority as a man, shouting that he’s “not a Swedish man” but “a real man from Armenia!”

“I’m not a Swedish man or boy upon whose face you can slam the door!” he said, according to the judgment. “I’m a real man from Armenia!” he screamed while forcing himself into her home. He then proceeded to rape her as she cried out in pain from her surgery, explaining that he had never been so disrespected by a woman in his life.

The strange migrant had randomly knocked on the young woman’s door to pose a business proposition, asking her if she wanted to become the owner of his pizza shop so that he could afford to purchase an alcohol license, according to SVT News. When she declined his offer and shut the door, he felt that his manhood had been insulted, as his culture dictates that women are inferior to men.

The migrant then broke into the woman’s apartment and pushed her down on the couch. Although she explained that her child was nearby and that she was still recovering from a cervical operation to remove a cancerous tumor, he refused to offer mercy. Disturbingly, the migrant appeared confused as to her objection to him raping her.

“What’s wrong with you down there? There must be something wrong with you. All other women like me!” he said.

“Just think — it’s your life, not mine,” he said as he exited the apartment. ” See you tomorrow, baby.”

Despite the heinous nature of his crime and having a prior criminal record, the migrant was ordered to pay the victim $13,650 and received just 2 years and 6 months in prison, meaning that he could easily be released in a matter of months. Although he is a repeat offender, he has once again evaded deportation thanks to Sweden’s ultra-liberal justice system.

Via: MWN

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