Why Many Young People Are So Very Wrong in Their Thinking: Meet “Professor” Naima Lowe…

Evergreen State had to pay her $240,000 to go away.

They should be firing whatever idiots thought it was a good idea to hire her.

Evergreen State is a progressive crap-hole

There has been a slight hitch in the academic career of Naima Lowe:

The Evergreen State College professor who was caught on camera screaming at her white colleagues has elected to resign, according to an internal announcement.

Provost Jennifer praised Lowe for teaching “feminist and queer theory, race, and decolonial studies” — i.e., pernicious cultural Marxist B.S. with no redeeming social value.

Lowe, a self-described “black queer artist” who taught art and filmmaking classes at Evergreen State, initially came under public scrutiny after she was filmed screaming at two white members of the school’s Equity Council in the wake of the Weinstein controversy.

Bret Weinstein was driven out of the college for objecting to whites being periodically barred from campus during the “Day of Absence.”

Lowe’s thoughtful comments to her fellow moonbats on the Equity Council, whom she evidently found lacking in their extremism, include this insightful gem:

“You are now these motherf***ers that we’re pushing against. You can’t see your way out of your own ass.”

Diversity has not improved the quality of college education, to put it mildly.

Here’s what she had to shout at a “pride” festival in Olympia:

“White supremacy…lives and breathes within every single white person standing here right now. I refuse to shut my mouth and let white people set this agenda,” she yelled, claiming that “the white gays, the white middle class assimilationist motherf***ing gays, took over the [gay] movement with their assimilationist goals.”

Lowe was threatening to sue the school because why not? She was paid $240,000 to go away. The “State” in Evergreen State ensures that taxpayers will get stuck with a large portion of the bill. No doubt Lowe will turn up on an Ivy League faculty soon.

Prepare to wash out your ears. Presenting Naima Lowe:

We pay through the nose to have sociopathic cretins of this caliber pour raw malice into the heads of impressionable youth…

Via: MoonBattery

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