Democrats Worry That “Millennials” Will Realize They Received a Tax Break and Not “Vote Productively”…

All Americans just had their taxes cut by President Trump and the Conservatives in Congress.

ALL Americans.

The Democrats know this is bad for them as people will have more of their own money to spend, and D.C. will have less power and control over our lives. The left’s big fear is that some might notice their larger take-home pay in February, open their eyes and start to THINK!


2 thoughts on “Democrats Worry That “Millennials” Will Realize They Received a Tax Break and Not “Vote Productively”…

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Suffolk County Police salary $108K per year. The County does not want to face facts, that the police are overpaid and salaries need to be rolled back for all municipal employees because real property taxes are off the scale. That is why the democrats are bellyaching about the president’s tax cut. I say, cut some more. Cuomo, is running for re-election as governor, and is whining up a storm, because he gave, free tuitions, and taxes are too much. That is resulting in businesses and millionaires, moving to Florida.

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    1. The tax plan put pressure on “blue” states to lower their income taxes. Good! They either lower their taxes, or liberals have less to send to Soros. As far as people fleeing, they’re welcome to come south as long as they don’t try and screw it up with “progressive” ideas like they did their own state. Our neighbor to the north, Tennessee, has NO state income tax and usually runs a budget surplus.

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