Pew Research: Over 24 Million Voter Registrations are Invalid, Inaccurate, or Deceased…

A research study by Pew Research has concluded that our current voting system is far more susceptible to fraud than previously thought.

For example, there are 1.8 million dead people registered to vote. Not kidding! That, alone, when strategically placed in battleground states and precincts, is enough to swing an election.

In addition, there are a stunning 24 million voters whose registrations are inaccurate or invalid. That is one in eight registrations inaccurate or invalid!

There are 2.7 million voters registered in multiple states, some of whom vote more than once in the same election, very illegal.

Then, there are illegal immigrant voters, absentee voters, and many other voter/election irregularities that make a compromised system even more compromised to the point of massive fraud.

Democrats know if the feds crack down on voter fraud, they can’t win another election…because they’ll all be in jail.

The voting dead. Investigators looked at voters’ birth dates and found that 45,880 votes in the 2016 election were cast by people who would have been at least 115 years old on election day.

Some 45 people voted, even though they were born before the year 1700!

Either there’s widespread voter fraud, or the zombie apocalypse began in the ballot box!

Underage voters. The age problem worked both ways: 292 minors voted even though they were under the age of 18.

More registered voters than adults. 7 states and Washington, D.C. have more registered voters than the number of adults legally eligible to vote. (Alaska, California, Colorado, D.C., Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, and Michigan.)

Voting multiple times. The Government Accountability Institute found 8,471 cases of duplicate voting in just 21 states. A nationwide sweep would have uncovered at least 45,000 cases of people voting in more than one city or state.

Thousands of phony addresses and names. More than 15,000 other people registered to vote using illegal addresses, like P.O. boxes, stores, and public buildings. 9,539 of those people voted in the general election.

The Rhode Island secretary of state’s office told investigators outright that it would approve a voter registration form submitted by John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt – even if it listed “a residential address that was a commercial office building, no driver’s license, (and) no Social Security number.”

The highly respected Pew Research found that 24 million voter registrations – one-in-8 of all U.S. registered voters – are inaccurate. There are 1.8 million dead people registered to vote. And 2.75 million people are registered to vote in more than one state.

People who aren’t even U.S. citizens voted 7,474 times in the swing state of Virginia alone.

After 8 years of a president who did everything he could to support voter fraud, it’s refreshing to see President Trump go after lawlessness, fraud, and vote-rigging.

Trump is right that we need strong voter ID laws that require a photo ID, proof of residence, systems to prevent people from registering in two places at once, and guarantees that no one who votes is older than the Titanic.

Unfortunately, shutting down this voter fraud panel will be used as a weapon against any real reforms. The Democrats are already saying that the president had to shut down his own panel for lack of evidence.

The good news is that Trump has promised the DHS will look at all this evidence and decide where, when, or if it will begin prosecuting.

If he wants to save America, he needs to start convicting corrupt election officials for vote fraud immediately, nationwide, and with no leniency. After a few dozen convictions, the Democrats won’t be able to pretend that there isn’t really a problem.

Via: PWS

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5 thoughts on “Pew Research: Over 24 Million Voter Registrations are Invalid, Inaccurate, or Deceased…

    1. Absolutely. Our vote is what sets us apart from most nations and it should be one vote for one eligible, registered CITIZEN…Properly tallied and reported. I think there should be a test for registration. If you’re not aware of Constitutionally guaranteed rights, and in full agreement with them…NO VOTE!!!

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      1. Decades ago, schools, especially high schools, taught Good Citizenship. Why we salute the Flag. Why we give thanks to God.
        In fact, very little is taught about the Founding Fathers, other than George Washington had “wooden” teeth. Or that George Washington was 4’11”, when in fact, Washington was 6’1″, and was a highly skilled fighter, in the Native American tradition of fighting. He could put a real hurting on somebody. In fact, nobody knows that the Great Depression of 1929, lasted until 1938 (!). If the Bill of Rights is taught, the Second Amendment is omitted.

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