How to Deal With President Trump…

Be patient…He’s got this!!!

President Trump has already won this battle. He won the battle in September when he said he would enforce the law, which means deporting all illegal aliens including this crew. He gave Congress six months to give this set of criminals amnesty.

In Washington-ese, they are DACA — protected by an imaginary law that Barack Obama invented. Incredibly, a federal judge in California upheld Obama’s imaginary law.

President Trump has won this battle, though. Congress has to pass a bill on amnesty and (and this is very important) get him to sign it into law.

I suppose it is possible that Congress would do that.

But the price Trump would exact is not only astronomical but astrological as well. He would get the wall, the end of chain immigration, the end of the visa lottery, reductions in refugees, reductions in legal aliens, and the reduction of green cards.

Trump holds all the trump cards in this hand. He wins before he goes into battle.

I wrote about this on Saturday, “Trump just won on DACA.”

He met with Congress and let the cameras roll as he held court for 55 minutes without giving them an inch.

The Washington Examiner reported, “Democrats ‘nervous’ after confusing White House meeting on DACA fix.”

Nervous? Try humiliated.

They have no leverage. This is no negotiation. This is a choice to capitulate or be annihilated.

President Trump posed this question to Democrats: Do you want to lose in the primaries or in the general election?

If they accede to Trump’s demands, they will lose in the primary.

If they don’t, they will lose in the general because Trump’s building the wall with or without them.

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People are starting to realize just how smart he is. Thankfully, the left will not realize, until it’s too late…

From Ann Coulter to Mark Levin to folks on Twitter, there was a genuine belief that President Trump was about to stab his supporters in the back.

But thanks to Lupus keeping me up half the night (again), I had a lot of time to reflect on that immigration meeting.

And around four in the morning, it dawned on me just what a stroke of genius it was.

Let me explain.

The Democrats need illegal aliens to receive amnesty because without them, they become a permanent minority party.

I know that. You know that.

And thanks to a leaked memo from Center for American Progress, it’s been confirmed.

But the folks who get their “news” from CNN? They probably don’t know that.

In fact, I just ran a search on CNN’s website to see if they did a story about the leaked memo from CAP.

And guess what? They didn’t.

Then along comes President Trump who permits television cameras to remain in the room through the entire immigration meeting.

And as a result, everybody got to watch all the Democrats fawn over these illegal aliens – these so-called “DREAMers.”

Just a week ago, Numbers USA released a survey of likely 2018 voters that revealed overwhelming support for President Trump’s immigration policies. This includes 57% who want to end chain migration and 60% who want to eliminate the so-called “visa lottery” program.

And live on cable news, Democrats were seen opposing these popular positions.

Something tells me, that’s going to hurt them.

And as I stared at the ceiling wide awake in the wee hours of the morning, I began to feel better about that meeting.

Then I went onto Facebook – because, hey, it’s four in the morning and I can’t sleep, so why not?

And a friend of mine on Facebook suggested I read the transcript from Rush Limbaugh’s show yesterday. So this morning while having my coffee, I logged in at and listened to the segment where Rush gave his take on the immigration meeting.

Here are a few relevant points Rush made:

So there are the cameras, and there are the Drive-Bys, and Durbin and the boys are having to tell Trump what they want with the cameras running!

Which means the Drive-Bys are not gonna be able to recharacterize what happened in there. Trump is conducting the meeting, and he’s asking these Democrats, “Tell me what you want.” He’s letting Durbin and Hoyer have the floor to talk on DACA. They’re getting their talking points out right in front of Trump. (laughing) They’re having the meeting right in front of the press, the Drive-Bys!

He’s right. The media can’t spin this if viewers are watching it live.

And more importantly, the Democrats can’t leave the meeting and misrepresent what went on because it all unfolded in front of the cameras.

Rush also mentions that leaked memo from CAP which clearly instructs Democrats to reject any attempts to enact the President’s immigration policies.

Keep in mind that Numbers USA poll. Trump’s immigration policies are very popular.

Now, here’s how Rush explains it:

The Democrats are just going overboard on their love for the DACA kids. Now, you might say, “Well, Rush, what’s wrong with that?” Well, what’s wrong with that is that there’s a lot of people in this country — like in Chicago, where Oprah lived a lot of years — that are really in bad shape.

Yet the Democrats in this meeting, it’s all about the DACA kids. They’re the only kids that exist! The Democrats are engaged in a love fest for the DACA kids.

And finally, Rush sums it up this way:

Okay. So the next reason to do it, put the Democrats on the record. The cameras are there and they’re rolling, and the microphones are on. And so the Democrats are on record now, anybody in America can find out what they really care about.

When the majority of Americans want an end to chain migration and the Visa lottery, having the Democrats on record opposing not only that but building the wall is going to hurt the Democrats.

This memo from CAP was not supposed to get out. Americans weren’t supposed to find out that Democrats are under instructions to oppose the very immigration policies the majority of Americans support.

But now the Democrats have been exposed – live on camera – opposing what the majority of Americans support.

Toward the end of this segment, Rush points out this:

I’ll tell you what else. I think Trump trapped the Democrats. There’s no way the Democrats knew the media was gonna be in the meeting, no way. The Democrats did not have any idea that the meeting was to show off Trump at work. And that’s exactly what this meeting did. And the Democrats are trapped in there. Once it starts, there’s — you can see Durbin and Hoyer, I noticed a couple times they’re looking a little nervous. They realized what happened to them.

Trump’s in there nice as he can be, respectful, in total command, running the show, respectful, open to any idea, nowhere near deranged, unattached, uninterested, none of this boorish behavior that’s described, no senility and all that. And so Trump traps the Democrats and the media into showing him in total command. I mean, you look at it from that perspective, the thing is absolutely brilliant. They had no idea, they got sucked in, and they have been used.

Rush closed the segment with these observations:

You watch, folks. The Democrats, when they figure this out, are gonna be fit to be tied when they figure out what happened to them today. You talk about master negotiator pulling the rug out from under a bunch of people that thought they were on the way to the 25th Amendment. He-he-he-he-he.

Just look at it this way, folks, if you’re nervous. What happened today really had nothing to do with immigration. He didn’t say anything today that he can’t walk back. He didn’t say anything today that he’s gonna have to walk back, either. It’s all good. In fact, it’s better than that. Wait till you see the Democrats when they figure out what just happened to them.

I think Rush is right.

And more importantly, I have got to stop doubting President Trump’s acumen.

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