California Democrats Terrified Losing Congressional Seat Over THIS…

California is scared the next U.S. census will only count Americans…

California Democrats are increasingly worried over losing a Congressional seat if proposed changes to the U.S. Census are implemented.

Paul Mitchell of Political Data Inc. told Politico “there’s a lot of fear” about the upcoming 2020 Census count.

California Dem’s new-found fear is only exasperated by President Trump’s hardline stance on illegal immigration.

The current Department of Justice sent a letter in December to the Census Bureau requesting that the citizenship question that was eliminated under the Obama administration be reinstated.

Democrats are worried if questions about citizenship are added back into the Census, thousands of illegal aliens will be too afraid to participate, resulting in an undercount that could cost the state billions of federal funding, Politico reported.

“The state is starting to get together resources, because it does have an actual direct impact … on state revenues if we have a severe undercount,” Mitchell added.

Even worse for Dems, it could cost the state one its 53 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. That seat was already in jeopardy according to a data study conducted last month that concluded California was coming “very close” to losing a seat, regardless of illegal alien participation, Politico reported.

As middle-class families continue to flee crime and crushing taxes, California’s population growth has become stagnant, according to the data study.

Footage of California’s once scenic landscape has been making the rounds on social media for weeks. Large swaths of homeless “communities” and litter covered streets are becoming a familiar sight. It’s not exactly what many Americans would call “progressive” by definition of the term. The following footage was taken from Orange County, Calif, Ryan Saavedra of the Daily Wire, reported.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration’s Census request has Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown and his allies seeing red.

On Wednesday, Brown proposed spending 40 million on the state’s own Census related outreach, and Calif. Sec. of State Alex Padilla told Politico proposed changes could have a “devastating effect.”

“The citizenship question is just the latest red flag — maybe one of the biggest — but just the latest red flag,” Padilla said.

California has been under national scrutiny for its new “sanctuary state” law that offers protected refuge to illegal aliens who enter the U.S. unvetted. Radical policies, high taxes, and a disappearing middle-class has rural communities organizing to secede from the state in order to form a “New California.”

But Daniel Zingale from the California Endowment advocacy group, blames the state’s woes on Trump, of course.

“It’s already a toxic environment coming forward from D.C.,” Zingale told Politico.

“When you add up all of these things — the abandonment of competent leadership, the proposed citizenship question, the hostile environment toward a state like ours and our diverse population, it is perceived here as a less than act of good faith coming from Washington, D.C.,” Zingale said.

“I think Californians have never felt less represented in the national capital than we’re feeling right now.”

Really? Perhaps Zingale should speak to the growing numbers Californians who feel they aren’t represented by lawmakers from their own state.

Via: BPR

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