Germany: Women Offered Pants With “Rape Alarms”…

A really good “rape alarm” is the report of a .357 or 9mm round. But it’s Europe, and they’re not allowed to fight back at all…

Germany has introduced pants with safety alarms to ward off Muslim migrant sex attacks, as Europe continues to descend into lawlessness and dhimmitude.

UK police once advised potential victims not to harm their attackers, issuing a statement: “You must not get a product which is made or adapted to cause a person injury. Possession of such a product in public (and in private in specific circumstances) is against the law.”

In Germany, reports emerged that “safe shorts,” made to prevent pervasive sex attacks by migrants, were sold out; and as Sweden struggles to cope with its migrant crisis, incidents of rape have escalated by 70%.

Instead of zero tolerance policies against sex attacks, the onus is being put on women to defend themselves or restrict their freedoms, as authorities and feminist activists have abandoned women’s rights in favour of the sharia that devalues women and allows for the rape of infidels. Free speech is another right that has been under assault by Islamic supremacists, with great successes.

Pants with safety alarms will do nothing for the safety of women; these brutish attackers will continue to stalk innocent people.

Via: JihadWatch

5 thoughts on “Germany: Women Offered Pants With “Rape Alarms”…

  1. There are multiple incidents of white CHILDREN being groomed for sex by ‘gangs of aliens’ and nowt ever gets done before young lives are destroyed.

    BUT don’t just stop at rape.
    In the UK the criminal (whatever race they are) is always protected by the law no matter what, and woe-betide the person who actually fights back. Being arrested for defending yourself (self defense) is the norm.

    The UK’s law abiding have been reduced to targets for the worlds filth to practice on.
    In our politically correct, multicultural and religiously tolerant society.

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    1. That’s horrid! Self-defense is a GOD given right and a natural right.
      It’s what the left in the U.S. desires for us as well, but hopefully they will never achieve it. I understand someone’s love for their nation, and their home, and here in the U.S. …their home state. I don’t understand anyone who lacks that connection. But if it gets too bad I’m sure we’ve got room for you and yours, and we’re way more friendly, cultured, and pleasant than most make us out to be.
      (Don’t tell everyone, though.
      It’s helpful for the rest of the world to picture us as wild-ass, gun-slinging, violent cowboys.)
      OK, I gotta go…Time to eat my bacon sandwich while I slide sideways down the road in my hot-rod pickup truck drinkin’ Tequila and shootin’ out street lights with my machine gun singin’ songs about JESUS!

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    2. Oh, and the child rape thing…really, REALLY angers me. The scum that does it, and the filth that covers up for it, enables it, and evidently doesn’t care about it…”pisses me off.” It’s EVIL, and it’s being forced on several nations by their own governments, who then lie about it. Those who do so are TRAITORS!

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      1. Traitors? They are worse than that.
        They are Tory (conservative) Party members that form our toltalitarian, “stab the people in the back” system of government.

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