Danish Immigration Minister: “We Have Lost to Islam”…

The Danish Minister for Immigration, Integration and Housing, Inger Støjberg, lashes out against Islam in the Danish newspaper Berlingske, where she claims that Islam has already won due to fear.

The reason for outspoken and brave Minister’s most recent outburst is a theater play about the Mormon faith, called «The book of Mormon» now playing in Copenhagen.

In the play, a man points a “fuck finger” at the sky while saying, “Now raise your finger toward God and curse at that stupid pig.” In another scene, an actor is dressed as the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith and has sex with a frog to be “healed.”

But this does not create violent reactions among Mormons in Denmark, and as the director of the installation, Kasper Holten says:

“If you are a Mormon and do not want to see that we make fun of your faith, then you should not see the play.”

Støjberg finds that Holten can say this completely without risk. “But try as a thought experiment to replace ‘Mormon’ with ‘Muslim’,” says Støjberg, and concludes herself:

“Unthinkable in Denmark in 2018? Yes, unfortunately.”

Støjberg lists the reactions that would follow: “Hysterical protests about hurt Muslim feelings. Demonstrations against the theater. Vandalism. Death threats against actors and instructors. Such a play would never have been shown.”

She continues:

“The point is that we have lost. We have been scared of a religion with fanatics who have threatened us to silence. And we will not even recognize it.”

Støjberg also points to the Skovgaard Museum, which last year had an exhibition about blasphemous art, where the Danish Muhammad caricatures were omitted. The explanation was that they did not fit in, and that “we must not interfere with religious people’s feelings,” says Støjberg, and asks the obvious:

“Where are all these people with ‘the right attitude’ now that the Mormons’ feelings are being violated? Why does not Politiken (Danish liberal newspaper) write a daunting editorial about how terrible it is that some people get offended? Not to forget about Denmark’s reputation abroad after such an insidious play has been shown at one of the country’s leading theaters?”

– Yes, the answer is simple, concludes the minister. The Mormons do not use weapons and terror when they are offended. They do not threaten the environment. They do not burn down theaters, they do not burn the Danish flag. In Los Angeles, the Mormons reacted, when the same play was shown there, with ads “for the true Mormon church,” explains Støjberg.

– Satire against religion is the same no matter religion. The big difference is the reactions by those who feel hurt, those who call Islam “the religion of peace,” and “actually use weapons, violence and terror,” she says.

Via: Speisa

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