Guns ARE NOT Evil; Liberals Are…

They have always wanted our guns, and they’ve laid the groundwork well!

If the general atmosphere of strife is anything to go by, it seems like I’m not the only person sick and tired of the unrelenting rhetoric on the left related to gun control. As a person who isn’t afraid to think logically, I am utterly disgusted by the inexorable liberal effort to infringe on my Second Amendment right.

Even before the terrible incident in Florida, the left was, and is constantly chipping away at the most important law in America.

The globalist masters of the democrat party recognize that the protections in the United States Constitution would be worthless, unless free, armed men were ready and able to defend them.

So, we are forced to deal with their steady drip… drip… dripping attempt to wear away the bedrock of our liberty.

Leftists cackle in unholy glee whenever children are killed by guns (not by cars, knives, sex trafficking, abortion or anything perpetrated by an illegal alien or a Muslim). They are secretly joyful at the thought that they will be able to create a new catch phrase, introduce bills, and dupe more sheeple after lives have been destroyed.

The left sees these horrible events not as the product of their own demented idea of government, but as their justification for enslaving the population. They are convinced that the American people are too stupid to take care of themselves and need a big, benevolent government master to dole out reward and punishment.

Complete control has been the goal of the left for some time now (remember when the democrats fought a war to keep their slaves and then did everything in their power to prevent civil rights and desegregation?). And, because they have infused themselves into the education system and the family, severe damage has already been done.

An armed man is a citizen, an unarmed man a subject.–John Adams

Why do these mass shootings occur with seemingly increased frequency?

Is it really the NRA’s fault?

mass shooters

Guns have not changed. The culture of the United States has changed. Over the last 50-70 years, leftists have infected the United States with the idea that no behavior is wrong, and social media has fostered an entire generation who are obsessed with themselves.

Nearly every problem facing the country today can be directly linked to the progressive agenda. Remember when creepy Uncle Joe Biden introduced the bill to make schools gun-free zones? Before 1990, such incidents were rare, but once schools became sitting ducks, mentally deranged killers were naturally attracted to them. Someone might even say that Biden, and all who supported the measure essentially fostered these deaths.

We now live in a society where the biggest outrage blasted on media outlets is not loss of life taken by a deranged, disgruntled, hopped-up-on-psychiatric-drugs fame seeker, but the demonized ‘assault rifle’ and conservatives who support liberty.

Using this mass shooting, at a school, the left has bombarded the media with gun “reform” demands, regardless of what most Americans want. In fact, that’s their new catch phrase (it worked for healthcare, right?). Oprah and Clooney are joining the staged march, and no matter where you look, someone is demanding that these evil rifles be abolished.

I was shocked over the past two days to see a ‘pastor’ I follow on Facebook advocating for the complete and utter ban of all guns. Now, I don’t want to get into the statistics… many of us already know that the places with the most stringent gun laws (eh hm.. Chicago, Baltimore, D.C., Detroit) have the highest number of gun related murders and crimes. In fact, Maryland has some of the most constricting gun laws in the nation.

The point here is not the ignorant, illogical people demanding ‘change,’ or the way they allow their emotion to control their idiot thoughts. The point is to understand how these people got that way.

The federal education system was designed as a way to educate voters in our ‘yeomen’ republic. However, it has become an effective tool for controlling society. The Frankfurt School was established in Germany, but the ideology moved to America in the 1950’s, under the guise of “fundamental rights.” Although this is a very broad definition, ‘cultural Marxism’ established a foothold in universities here to implement the 11-point plan:

  • The creation of racism offences.
  • Continual change to create confusion
  • The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
  • The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
  • Huge immigration to destroy identity.
  • The promotion of excessive drinking
  • Emptying of churches
  • An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
  • Dependency on the state or state benefits
  • Control and dumbing down of media
  • Encouraging the breakdown of the family

Our First Amendment protected it.

Knowing that the easiest way to indoctrinate our culture was through the public education system, these globalists slowly built ‘movements.’

If a lie is told often enough, it becomes accepted.

Throughout succeeding  generations, children were steadily taught that the founding fathers were slime balls… racist, evil white men who killed all others.

The changes were small at first, but gradually increased. Today we have unbalanced educators promoting gender confusion, hatred and oppression of Christians, and even pedophilia.

No need to worry about history (or the media) contradicting these alterations. Textbooks and dictionaries have been changed to reflect the growing ‘enlightenment.’ Technology has helped too. Anything can be googled to support the leftist lie.


So, we have entire generations believing lies—even some of the younger conservatives I’ve met will betray their ‘programming’ on some issues.

Plus, there has been a complete breakdown of the family. Mothers went to work in the celebrated feminist movement and two-income families became necessary, while fathers have become non-existent in some areas. Later, technology filled the gap and now children are instantly, on-demand exposed to increasingly violent videos games and “entertainment.”

Subsequently, we live in a world where viral activity is king. Many children have no guidance except what is provided by left-indoctrinated teachers (remember the teacher who actually shot Donald Trump’s image in her classroom while screaming “die!”), and the internet.

They are pumped full of mind-altering drugs for the slightest reason, grow up without a stable family, told that there are no genders, and that violence is never the answer. It’s little wonder that a few of these kids reach the breaking point, or seek attention through some atrocity that will provide one moment of infamy. They don’t understand that these actions are evil.

Instead of being told that violence is never acceptable, kids should understand that violence is sometimes the answer. Evil men do not listen to reason, and violence should be reserved to use against them. However, the progressive movement is working to redefine the definition of an evil person.

I can almost guarantee that if Hitler was building his regime today, he would be lauded and protected by many on the left.

Forty years ago, a man who claimed he was a woman would have been unacceptable in public. He would be shunned and identified as mentally disturbed (aka weirdo). Likewise a woman who ‘identifies’ as a cat would be perhaps be tolerated for her lunacy, not paraded.

Many children today have no clear boundaries, no God, no family…  and this lack is pushing more and more of them towards desperation. Horrific loss of life, like what happened in Florida and other places, is the result not of guns, but of years of relentless leftist indoctrination.

Do liberals care that they are destroying our culture?


They are happy when a shooter kills innocents because they can use that incident to push their real agenda… collecting our guns and making us slaves.

We cannot allow liberals to annihilate our beliefs, our sanity, or our peace by succeeding with their anti-gun crusade.

Guns did not change. The left has established a society that breeds and fuels evil. We must strive against it.

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