One of the Many Reasons No One Listens to the Democrats About Firearms…

Would the Democrats create a toxic environment and then set by during a slaughter waiting for a larger body count so that they could drive an emotional push to take away American’s basic rights?

Obama, Holder, and the rest did similar during their “fast and furious” operations. They forced gun dealers to sell illegally to drug cartel buyers, refused to track the weapons, and then stood by hoping for horrific body counts (which they got…300 or more and a few Americans)…All so they could say our laws were inadequate and then push for a ban on semi-automatic weapons.

Mrs. Clinton knows all about abandoning Americans to die. Maybe she gave the Sheriff some tips?

Now think about this: The Democrats pushed for the likes of Cruz to stay in school, and for their crimes to be ignored. The left herds kids into addiction to mood altering drugs, knowing that one out of x number will have “homicidal tendencies and thoughts.” Then when one does go off, the local leftist Sheriff purposely waits until all the shooting has ended before entry.

Far fetched? Remember “fast and furious!”

Consider that after the murders in Florida, Obama sent out creepy message: “We’ve been waiting for you“…

(I suspect the left has been waiting for you. They indoctrinated and sedated you into their madness, and waited patiently outside while you were slaughtered!)

So, you have the left who’s only purpose is to:

  1. Destroy the United States of America

  2. Destroy all individual liberty

  3. Ban all firearms

Then for some reason, the first few days after a shooting the Democrats want you to believe they are actually concerned about a child’s life. That’s laughable, as the liberals kill babies every day as fast as they can.

You add their evil intent with their history and their hatred of freedom and it’s obvious why no one cares to debate with the left on an issue that has been long settled. The Democrats simply aren’t honest about their goals, their goals are obvious, and their goals are treason.

But there’s another reason why the left is left out of any rational discussions…They are horribly ignorant on most subjects, and often just plain stupid.

They also LIE…


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