3 Instances of “Cultural Enrichment” the “Mainstream Media” is Hiding From You Right Now…

First up: Vienna. The “media” reported that a family had been attacked and repeatedly stabbed, but they left out one small detail…one small detail that they were aware of:

He was shouting “Allah, Allah,” and no one reported that when the story broke.

This is simply evil.

The establishment media is dead-set on keeping the public in the dark about what is happening. Despite their best efforts, before too long it will be abundantly clear to everyone.

But by then it may be too late.

“Four people including a 17-year-old girl are critically injured as ‘deranged knifeman shouting Allah’ goes on rampage in Vienna before ‘man of Afghan descent’ is arrested,” by Charlie Bayliss, Mailonline, March 7, 2018 (thanks to Lukasz):

An Afghan man has been arrested after four people were injured in two knife attacks in Vienna, Austria.

Three pedestrians were attacked at random by a man wielding a knife near the capital’s famous Prater Park at around 7.45pm local time.

Police say that the three victims hurt in the stabbing frenzy were a family, including a father, mother and their daughter, 17.

Then 30 minutes later, another person was seriously injured in a separate attack at Praterstern. A police spokesman confirmed all the victims were Austrian.

One eyewitness said the attack happened in front of a Japanese restaurant near the U1 Nestroyplatz station on the Praterstrasse. He claimed the male victim injured in the first attack suffered from a heart attack and that the attacker shouted ‘Allah, Allah’. This has not been confirmed by police.

A police spokesman said: ‘A man attacked a family – a father, a mother and their 17-year-old daughter – with a knife. The three people were seriously injured and their lives are in danger.

‘And half an hour later, there was another attack … at Praterstern and here a person was also seriously injured and their life is in danger. We do not know to what extent there is a connection here and any motive remains unclear.’

A male citizen of Afghanistan was later arrested in connection with the second assault, but no further details were immediately available and any connection between the stabbings remained unclear, the spokesman said shortly afterward….

Via: GellerReport

Next: Paris. The “City of Lights” enjoys some “multiculturalism” in a quaint cafe:

In what has been described as a dispute between rival Sri Lankan migrants, two men attacked another with a machete, scalping him and cutting off his arm in a Paris restaurant.

The attack occurred on Monday evening at a restaurant in the 10th Arrondissement of the city not far from the heavily migrant populated area of La Chapelle in northern Paris, broadcaster RTL reports.

Two attackers, both wearing hoodies and covering their faces, were said to have stormed into the establishment at around 9:30 pm armed with a machete and a sabre. The pair immediately attacked the victim, cutting at his scalp as well as cutting off one of his hands and his arm.

The 35-year-old victim, who is also a member of Paris’s Sri Lankan community, is said to be in critical condition at a local hospital as a result of the attack. A source within the police force has claimed that the motive for the brutal attack is likely related to settling scores within the community.

Via: TheRebel

Finally: The U.S.A. I know some readers were anxious over Europe getting all the good “cultural enrichment” but fear not, we are being enriched as well…thanks to the Democrats:

A 30-year-old East African migrant is accused of strangling a woman to the point of “nearly unconscious” at a motel in Stearns County, Minnesota, while high on the Somali drug of choice — khat.

Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed edited
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed, 30

Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed, described by the local newspaper as “a St. Cloud man,” was charged Tuesday with felony domestic assault, fifth-degree felony possession of a controlled substance and interfering with a 911 call.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Stearns County District Court, officers were dispatched to Asteria Inn & Suites in Waite Park on Saturday for a domestic assault in progress. Officers said they were allowed inside the room and noticed a woman “was crying and motioned to her neck.”

She told police Ahmed had “strangled her which interfered with her breathing and that (he) punched her three times in the breast,” the complaint states. The victim had bruises and a scratch on her chest.

[This happened one day after another Somali refugee, Asad Abu Mohamed, 32, was caught trying to rape a female student in the women’s restroom at Minneapolis Community and Technical College in Minneapolis.]

Officers saw Ahmed attempting to put a plastic bag in his pocket that officers believe to be khat, which is a green, leafy plant grown in Somalia that contains the narcotic cathinone, also known as Catha edulis. It is illegal in the U.S. but that doesn’t stop Somalis from smuggling it into the country, often through a European city.

The St. Cloud Times was so careful not to reveal Ahmed’s ethnicity as a native of Somalia that it even covered up the country where most khat is grown: “Its use is widely accepted in certain African countries, but the stimulant is considered a controlled substance in the United States,” the newspaper reported.

When officers asked Ahmed about the assault, he “was chewing on a green leafy substance and appeared to be under the influence,” according to the complaint. He told officers he never hit the woman and tried to claim the khat was hers.

Ahmed had an outstanding warrant, however, for his arrest in connection to an unrelated drug-possession charge.

The female victim told police “she wanted to leave the hotel and (Ahmed) became angry with her and she could not go,” the complaint states. The victim said she told Ahmed she was going to call the police, at which point he took her phone and slapped her face and “placed his hand on her throat and squeezed at the same time he pulled her hair and she had a difficult time breathing and almost went unconscious,” the complaint states.

The victim told police she was able to push Ahmed off her but he then punched her multiple times in the chest. She told police the phone fell out of Ahmed’s pocket and she was able to call the police; Ahmed tried to grab the phone from the victim and it disconnected once, but she was able to call again.

The U.S. has imported more than 140,000 Muslim refugees from Somalia, a country in perpetual civil war, since the late 1980s. Nearly half of them have gone to Minnesota, with the other half scattered throughout more than a dozen states including Ohio, Washington, the Dakotas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Maine, Alaska and Texas.

At a public forum in October 2015, Democrat Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton, when confronted with concerns about the mass influx of refugees from Somalia, responded by telling Minnesotans if they can’t be tolerant of the migrants “then find another state.”

Via: LeoHohmann

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