Black American Speaks Out About President Trump and the Steel Tariffs…

Forgotten no longer…

Mr Powell is not the only person who is noticing the difference…

5 thoughts on “Black American Speaks Out About President Trump and the Steel Tariffs…

  1. I love sugar coating but not that thick.

    There is a knock on effect of every action and tariffs can ruin other countries industries and therefore our and ultimately your lives as well..
    For instance, ignoring the fact that it knocks a hole in the UK’s sales to the US, the rogue nations dumping cheap steel into the US will now simply dump their steel on everyone else.
    Big business doesn’t give a damn where it buys from if the price and quality is right, and across Europe, and the UK, general steel production will collapse.

    Except when our steel plants close, that’s it. They never re-start.
    Probably the same for European units as well.
    So how is that the US’s problem?
    Who exactly will buy your goods when your target buyers haven’t got the money to spend on them?

    If it’s too expensive to sell products abroad, loads of jobs will be lost across all manufacturing sectors.
    That’s mass unemployment and that is BIG TIME politically toxic.
    Right about then it will also be political suicide to carry on buying American goods.
    Thus diverse things like your combat aircraft sales get canceled.

    So what happens then?
    You will have to drop your prices to maintain sales.
    Only to do that means cutting back on manpower aka unemployment across a wide range of sectors.

    Guess what?
    You’re back where you were in the first place, except worse off.
    Good steel, good products, no market place as previous buyers will have re-sourced elsewhere for cheaper.
    Once you destroy what was, it takes forever to restore TRUST, especially if your actions can never replace what was.

    Quick fixes and popular politics always bites you in the arse if you don’t consider the long game.

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    1. So I guess you oppose tariffs.
      I’m not really into the issue enough to debate it, but so far I’ve found that our President is pretty sharp on issues and I’m willing to trust him on this. Some of our steel and aluminum has started opening up lines that were closed, so that seems like a good thing to me.
      We would be more competitive without unions driving up the cost of labor and subsequently prices, all while making production slower and more painful.
      The U.S. also needs to stop sharing or technology with other countries who copy it, make the product with near forced labor, and then sell it back to us for less than we can manufacture it. When we do that, we lose all the investment into research and development as well.

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      1. Understand your sentiment but it’ll end up as described because all politicians are ultimately temps. Thus they all play the short game, the ‘Mr. popularity game’ for term one.

        Still answer me this.
        When exactly did the US lose it’s way?
        After all we both grew up in better times.

        So which president screwed the pooch for the US? And how many passed through (in modern times) without correcting the wrongs of past administrations?

        For the UK that’s easy to answer.
        Every past politician screwed us and the present ones are screwing us some more. That’s the problem with “terms”.
        The temps know that once out or power it is only a short wait until they return to power and carry on regardless.

        Your thoughts on technological innovation may need revising.
        Nothing will never stay secret for long in the interconnected world.
        It’s called reverse engineering and something I did commercially on computers and their peripherals in the 90’s. And boy it paid WELL!

        Difference between then and now?
        It’s faster and needs less skill as analytics are mainly computer driven and metallurgy is no longer an art, it’s a precise science. So all you do is buy a product and clone it. Profitably too.

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        1. True.
          I suppose I lament letting some others catch up by reverse engineering.
          And I don’t care so much for interconnection. Let’s say a western nation spends 15 years developing a smartphone. China buys one, takes it apart, clones it and probably loads it with spyware, and then sells it back to the west for a little less. They have a huge profit margin, because they pay their workers next to nothing. It hurts the west, and innovation. My argument is that we should have never let them see a smart phone. Let them figure out missile guidance and such on their own.

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          1. So you’re not a globalist fan then LOL.
            Give yourself a gold star for like thinking.

            The world was never meant to be interconnected. That’s why 2/3 of the planet is separated by sea.

            Then some fools invented boats, aircraft, radio, teletype, and the worst of the lot, missionaries and diplomacy.

            Sigh, innovation.
            Always a backwards step!

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