Feminism, Muslim “Refugees,” and Rape: Make a “Progressive” Watch…

Just listen to these ladies:

Now, some “man-splaining” that you need to hear:

You tube, google, and Facebook are taking down and hiding anything that doesn’t line up with their globalist agenda of evil.

We have these videos, so even if the “tube” takes them down, you can view them here and share them…

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13 thoughts on “Feminism, Muslim “Refugees,” and Rape: Make a “Progressive” Watch…

  1. You can’t mix races, cultures, traditions, and religions, then expect everyone to get on with the other person.
    Especially if the ‘alien’ race doesn’t want to get on with the indigenous but to simply dominate them.

    Anyway I think we are approaching the stage where the ‘streets’ will take matters into their own hands.
    A war against TPTB, their agents, and the invaders.
    The idea being to defend our culture, traditions, heritage, religion, and our woman and children against the ravages of the imported masses.

    Of course the moderate, liberal, democratic fools will object to this.
    So that war will probably evolve into neighbor against neighbor.

    It’s been said that we are long overdue a war. Perhaps we are.
    The only question after that is ‘when will it start?’

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    1. Well said.
      Was the breakdown on civilized societies, street wars and chaos the goal of leftists? It appears to be, but I wonder what the end game is supposed to look like.
      Was it set up to declare martial law?
      Do the “progressives” realize that they won’t survive?

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  2. Hey, what’s that video hosting service you mentioned?
    I’ve got a decent load of footage once wiped out by GOOGLAG’s youtube (looks like they don’t like the truth about russian commie-esque thugs as much as about Islamist ones) but can’t find a decent non-censored place. Preferably free and not infested by tons of fancy-schmancy JSs.

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    1. There’s not a great alternative…yet. A couple are in the works. I have these videos, and when I see something that google/ facebook will likely remove and/or hide from Americans, I capture the video and post it here. You can share from our site when you run across something that’s been suppressed by the lefties…


        1. I don’t know whats up, but I’m getting no email on that account. I sent one and it hasn’t showed up yet. Here you go:
          I use Firefox (Better privacy) but this is supposed to work in Chrome as well:
          Great tool…you download the video and upload to your site, then if You Tube decides people shouldn’t see it, it doesn’t matter as you’re hosting it.
          To get You Tube videos, follow this video’s instructions (Clunky, but it works):

          Good luck, Lone Warrior…Frank N. Blunt

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