“Mainstream Media”: Fake News AND Efforts at Mind Control…

Everyone should be well aware by now that Google, Face Book, and YouTube are spying on everyone constantly, hiding the truth, and have rededicated themselves to suppressing Conservative voices as we near the next elections.

President Trump coined the phrase “fake news,” and was 100% correct when he pointed out the “mainstream media’s” leftist-Commie bias and constant stream of lies. The “progressive” media responded by whining that pointing out that they are liars was unfair, and would make it difficult for them to convince Americans to believe their lies.

They pivoted to use the term that applies to their own organizations against anyone who doesn’t follow their template. Tech giants are teaming up to starve real media outlets of advertising revenue, ban them, and hide their voices from search results. All these scummy traitors are also vowing to fight “fake news”…

That’s rich!

The fake news and liars will take it on themselves to decide what the truth is!

Leftists have never encountered the truth; If they had they wouldn’t be Democrats!

Now, we have this. Watch as people who don’t quite seem real tell you in their Soros scripted zombie voices why you should only listen to them…

What can we do?

Keep fighting!

Encourage readers to share our content on their own. Bookmark, follow, and visit our site, the sites we follow and link to, and share the articles to help get the truth out to Americans.

VOTE!!! This next election should be the final nail in the Democrat party’s coffin, not a “blue wave.”

Encourage every family member and friend who doesn’t have an earring in their eyelid to VOTE!!!

The only blue seen in future elections should be a blue swirl as we flush the left back to where they belong.

Frank N. Blunt

6 thoughts on ““Mainstream Media”: Fake News AND Efforts at Mind Control…

  1. Thanks Frank and Freeda, this is well know to those who pat attention, Excellent handling I’m going to link it to my site with link back to your.;. Thanks again, Jim

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