Democrats Try and Explain Where Babies Come From, and Gender…

First up: The “Queer Kid Stuff” show tries to explain how babies are made. Since they’re incapable of actually making a baby or grasping simple obvious truths, this episode is a tad “problematic” for the host…


This man who pretends he’s a woman tries to convince you that he really is a woman, and that what you think you know about gender and sex and stuff is all wrong…

There was once a time when society locked obviously sick people like this away, where they couldn’t hurt themselves or normal people. Children were protected from being exposed to their sickness. Now, they are celebrated and paraded as heroes by Democrats, who try and elevate them above normals with special laws to protect them from the ridicule and disdain they richly deserve, and the treatment they need.

Thanks, Democrats!

10 thoughts on “Democrats Try and Explain Where Babies Come From, and Gender…

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    And if you turn it off you are being “whatever”ist! Sadly this is being propagated and allowed to permeate every facet of our lives. You can’t get away from it.But I will call it crap when I see and hear it. Oh yea! Freedom of speech. Remember that you are pressing the issue too!

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  2. The Demorats are composed of the envious, the greedy, the immoral, the depraved, and the insane. Look at what they celebrate and honor. It is not my father’s party.

    Hell it isn’t even my mother in law’s party. Its Satan’s party.

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        1. I’ve said that for years!
          You can’t judge the quality of the writing from the cover, but you can judge the content! I have a book with pirates on the cover, it’s about pirates! One is called “The German Way of War,” and it concerns German military doctrine. And so on.
          Some old sayings are WRONG! “The world don’t revolve around you”…I’ve been around for over fifty years and my world revolves around me every single day, and the same for everyone else. “You can’t judge a book by its cover”…Yes, you can. “GOD helps those that helps themselves”…Not in the Holy Scriptures, they are FULL of examples of GOD helping those that could NOT help themselves…Some ARE true: “Let sleeping dogs lie” is pretty good advice.
          We’ve made some of our own such as: “Squawking crows warn of foes” and “foaming mouth bear…get out of there!” and “fire in ash…DON”T throw in trash.” We like to rhyme, and the “fire in ash” saying has a backstory.

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            1. The bear saying is if you run across one in the woods…Of course at home the bear would be the one obliged to “get out of there.” We have the smaller black bears around, and they pretty much leave us alone but yes, I would kill one if it was aggressive toward us or our dog. Occasionally someone has to, and bears have killed a couple of people over the last four years. When it happens, the comments on the local news always has some liberals bemoaning the bear and calling for charges against the person who defended their home and family. Dude, those people are INSANE! They say people are trespassing on the bear’s territory…Really? The bear pays rent, or did he buy the property outright?
              Once the state brought out a trap and I was chatting with the officer. I was curious about what he used for bait and he told me “sardines and donuts.” I asked him how he kept the cops out of the trap, and quick as a wink he said “I’ve been trapped in them myself a couple of times.” I love southern humor! When he catches one, he transports it about 100 miles away and releases it (the first time). By himself. Sounds scary, you’ve trapped an angry bear, jostled him around for a couple hours in a hot galvanized pipe, then you just open the door! I asked what weapon he carried, it was a .40 cal. Asked if it would stop a bear…”If you hit it in the head it will!” Brave man! Bears are FAST and trying to hit its head when charging would be an adrenaline pumping experience.
              What does a bear see when he looks out of the woods and sees people in a hot tub?

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