London Has Lots of “Refugees” Stabbing People. Solution: Ban Knives…

How do stupid liberals even dress themselves? Look at London.

First they ban firearms,

then import third-world devil worshiping savages,

then they elect a Muslim mayor,

then they’re crushed by savage crime increases,

then they cover up their crimes,

then they start arresting people for fighting back or even speaking out

and now they want to ban knives


Normally I don’t get too much into another nation’s business, but Americans have an affection for the British. Here’s some helpful suggestions:

  1. KEEP your knives and if you have any, your firearms…

  2. If you are attacked, go for the throat then GUT your attacker and LEAVE. Go home and disassemble your knife and clean it thoroughly with bleach and alcohol (And your hands, etc.). Reassemble and put it back in your pocket.

  3. Socks are a great place to hide things…like a knife! Most people carry weapons around their waist, and that’s where most people look for them.

  4. VOTE against ALL liberals.

Be aggressive in defense of you and yours:

6 thoughts on “London Has Lots of “Refugees” Stabbing People. Solution: Ban Knives…

  1. He’s only saying what I’ve been accused of exaggerating about.
    Crime pays and the law protects it.
    Being law abiding in the UK just reduces you to being a reactive target for the scum of the Earth to practice on.

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