France: “Migrant” Chaos the “Media” is Hiding From You…

First, an illegal alien runs down a French Police officer on Monday:

A French police officer in Paris was taken to hospital with serious injuries after an illegal migrant rammed him with his car during a routine police traffic stop.

The incident occurred Monday afternoon in Paris’s 8th arrondissement, one of the most famous and touristic areas of the city where the iconic Champs Elysées is located.

The alleged attacker, an unidentified 54-year-old man, was said to be well-known to the police and had been recently released from prison for robbery, French radio broadcaster Europe1 reports.

According to news website Actu17, the alleged attacker was not only living in France as an illegal immigrant but was also driving the car involved in the incident without a licence.

The incident occurred at around 16:50 Monday and saw the illegal migrant stopped at a routine traffic checkpoint. The man refused to stop his vehicle, mounted the curb and struck the officer with his car. The officer was brought to a nearby hospital with severe injuries to his legs, pelvis, and face and said to be in a critical condition.

Via: BB

Next, “migrants” attack a female officer (This happened around Jan. 1):

The female police officer was attacked alongside her male inspector in the Paris suburb of Champigny-sur-Marne by a large mob in the early hours of Monday morning, with both individuals being hospitalised.

In the footage widely shared to social media, a large group of African appearance males stand around cheering as a female police officer is kicked to the ground, taking several blows to the head. In other parts of social media footage shared by Front National member of parliament Gilbert Collard, men cheer as cars are rolled over.

Via: BB

If you watch to near the end of this video, you will see France’s “guests” treat the officer to some “cultural enrichment.” Watch full-screen for best viewing:

And finally…a couple shares their vacation photos of Paris, the “City of Light”:

4 thoughts on “France: “Migrant” Chaos the “Media” is Hiding From You…

  1. Multiculturalism and religious tolerance at it’s very best.
    There should be laws to stop this. But wait, there were.

    Who turned those laws off?
    Who let the problem grow into the crisis it is now?

    That would be the politicians and limp wrist Lefties.

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