Draining the Swamp: President Trump Signs Orders Making it Easier to Fire Federal Employees…

In a “yuge” win for those Americans who seek accountability and efficiency in government, President Donald Trump signed three executive orders Friday that made it significantly easier for lousy federal employees to be “drained” from the swamp.

Prior to Friday, it took “6 months to 1 year to remove a tenured Federal employee for poor performance, plus an average of 8 more months to resolve appeals,” according to a White House press release.

That’s a long time …

“These executive orders will make it easier for agencies to remove poor-performing employees and ensure that taxpayer dollars are more efficiently used,” Andrew Bremberg, the director of the Domestic Policy Council, reportedly said.

The efficiency will be obtained from the stipulations Trump imposed on unions.

Prior to Friday, an estimated 470 employees with the beleaguered Department of Veterans Affairs were wasting their entire workday performing work for their labor union.

Not anymore.

The president’s executive orders also mandate the creation of a Labor Relations Working Group to more quickly negotiate contracts with labor unions and, hopefully, save taxpayers some money.

Via: BPR

One thought on “Draining the Swamp: President Trump Signs Orders Making it Easier to Fire Federal Employees…

  1. The problem is firing but the greater problem is the selection process. Prior to the mid 80s there was a professional entrance exam for the federal government. When this ended you can guess who was selected for employment. Merit, talent, excellence were replaced by race, creed, gender. No wonder the government overwhelming identifies as Democrat and donates 90%. Time to reinstate the old exams. Staffing shouldnit depend on traits that have zero to do with performance and everything to do with a political agenda.

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