“Dancing Queen”: F.B.I. Agent Loses Firearm While “Dancing,” Picks it Up, Shoots Random Stranger, Then Walks Away…

This is the kind of idiots the left loads up our government with when they get a chance. I don’t know who said it, but I saw this @ Ace of Spades, and it perfectly describes the Democrat’s method of destroying things:

The left:

  1. Identifies an institution

  2. Kills it

  3. Skins it and wears its skin as a skin suit

  4. Prances about in the skin suit demanding respect

They’ve done this with the F.B.I., the C.I.A., the State Department, education, and everything they’ve been allowed to touch. (The F.B.I. is RUINED, and Mueller and Comey are really, really “bad cops. These two traitors greased the wheels for the Uranium One deal, and let innocent men DIE in prison to cover for an informant.) They tried destroy the military under Obama, by firing the warriors and promoting the social justice “warriors.”

They must NEVER be allowed to have any position of power, influence, or authority. Ever!

Behold the new F.B.I….

A few thoughts:

  1. Dude, you dance like a chubby skank from Michigan who drank way too much at Spring break.

  2. Most states have laws that make it illegal to drink while carrying a firearm

  3. Finger OFF the trigger until your sites are on the target…Do they teach that at the F.B.I.? We teach it to children in the South.

  4. Shouldn’t you have rendered assistance to the man you shot, rather than throwing your hands up like it wasn’t your fault? It IS 100% your fault, and I hope he sues the crap out of the F.B.I. an wins, because they are obviously arming imbeciles and setting them loose.

8 thoughts on ““Dancing Queen”: F.B.I. Agent Loses Firearm While “Dancing,” Picks it Up, Shoots Random Stranger, Then Walks Away…

  1. Kinda reminds me of shooting on a range we were sharing with UK’s finest (aka armed police). 3 ND’s in 20 minutes.
    We walked off the range in the end as the only safe place was in front of their targets.

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      1. Reminds me of when I was working port security. Someone was exporting ‘deactivated’ weapons. SOP, call in the black mice. so we did.
        Funny bit? A black mouse said an AK was safe as he couldn’t cock it.
        I lent forward, eased the safety to fire and cycled the action. For some reason he didn’t speak to me after that. 🙂
        Ever helpful, that’s me. ROTFL

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        1. I thought that was a weird quirk of the AK, having the safety block the action. Maybe there’s others set up the same way, I just found it strange. Heck of a carbine though. Someday I’ll post a video of this man who fires 875 rounds on full auto through an AK. It catches on fire, but keeps cycling. Finally, the barrel bends from the heat to the point that the gas tube is so far out of true that it won’t cycle. He breaks it down at beats the barrel against a table until he thinks it’s straight just by eyeballing down the barrel, reassembles it and fire several more magazines! It was pretty accurate as well, even on full auto and after his “fine tuning.”

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          1. I liked the AK (the 70 year old design that just keeps on going) but loved the SVD!

            Even if, according to the UK’s Gov. and Nato’s experts, they both aren’t particularly accurate and use poor excuses for ammunition.

            (Duh! and why I loath ex-spurts).

            Still there are more pressing matters to deal with. Like the UK’s army HQ converting all toilets to gender neutral.
            That’s much more important than looking after the men.

            Whoops! can’t say ‘men’ any more as there are no genders allowed in today’s UK armed forces.

            Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that.

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            1. I like the AK, and the SKS. I think they are unfairly tagged as “not accurate,” and the 7.62x.39 is a great round for 0-300 yards/ meters. It hits hard, ammunition is cheap, and there’s a couple of cheap Russian or Ukrainian offerings that perform really well.

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  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Much will hinge upon FBI regulations, as there could be a rule such as strong side carry, and holster with thumb break retention strap. Small of back, may not be FBI regulation. Then, if alcohol is served, and not only consumed, there may be a restriction about carrying a weapon. Finally, I am no fan of Glock. Exactly how, did that weapon discharge?

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    1. I’m not a Glock fan either. Seen pictures of people who shot themselves in the butt re-holstering after part of the holster caught the trigger.
      I appreciate their simplicity of design, and that they are rugged. I also give them credit for forcing other manufacturers to design pistols that actually feed hollow points. But I don’t care for striker fired weapons, I like a hammer. And they don’t “fit” my hand. I fired one just to test it out when I was looking for a semi auto to carry a few years back, and I had no idea where the round would go! I’m sure with time and practice I could use one, but I didn’t care for it and couldn’t get the accuracy (for me) I get with a S&W J-frame revolver.
      I think he picks it up by the trigger!

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