Maryland Democrat Richard Madaleno Throws a Hissy Fit: “Take That Trump”…


On Wednesday, Maryland Democrat Richard Madaleno, who is running for governor of the state, ran one of the great political ads of all time. The entire ad was directed at attacking President Trump in some of the stupidest possible ways.

The ad begins with Madaleno sitting in front of a house explaining he wants to “deliver progressive results and stand up to Donald Trump.” Then, according to Madaleno, he launches into a list of things he’s done “that already infuriate him.”

Already, you know this is going to be good – the chances that Trump has ever heard of Madaleno are squat.

So, what has Madaleno done?

The first scene features Madaleno standing amongst children. “I protected Planned Parenthood from the Republicans in Congress,” he says, no irony in his voice. A girl states, “Take that, Trump.” Rewind that girl about 14 years and she’d be subject to the tender mercies of Planned Parenthood in the womb, but this is apparently how you own the cons.

The next scene features him with another group of children. He states, “I helped ban assault guns in Maryland.” One of the other kids says, “Take that, NRA.” Leaving children unprotected in school to own the cons. Well done.

After that, we get yet another group of children. He explains, “I believe in public schools, not vouchers.” One of the kids states, “Take that, Trump.” Being stuck in a failing public school to own the cons. Solid stuff.

But Madaleno saves the best for last.

He closes with a shot of him on a lawn with his two adopted children and his husband. It turns out Madaleno is gay! He kisses his husband and then turns to camera. “Take that, Trump!” he chortles.

If this is the mentality of the Left – that conservatives are so crazed about homosexual sex that even the presence of two gay dudes is some sort of giant victory against conservatives – then it’s no wonder they’re having trouble connecting beyond their base. Nobody cares what Richard Madaleno does with his husband. It’s a free country. And the notion that Donald Trump, of all people – you know, the candidate who held up a rainbow flag at a rally – is sitting around agonizing that Madaleno likes dudes is hilariously preposterous.

Via: DW

He’s not the only one in the running for “Absolute Stupidest Democrat”…Look HERE and HERE

Here’s what I don’t get: President Trump has done absolutely NOTHING against gays.

Not one thing!

They can still have pretend marriages, serve in the military, etc. The only thing I know of our President doing that affects gays is slowing the number of Muslim terrorists that come into our nation, so they don’t get slaughtered in gay nightclubs.

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