7 thoughts on “Betcha Can’t Guess What’s About to Happen Here at The Nashville Zoo…

    1. We all watched and laughed…then I said “of course the bear is just trying to get over the wall and eat him.”
      Still cute, though. And the bear might be well fed, and just want to dance!
      I was telling Freeda a few nights ago that I wish we could befriend and train the bears close by. They’d be a great “extra defensive layer.” I know it’s impossible though. Every “bear whisperer” I’ve seen has had his face chewed off, or been killed by his “friends.”

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            1. I had to look it up.
              Don’t care for Vegas, and I’m not real keen on any situation that places my family in danger needlessly…such as unarmed, in a room full of drunks watching men in tights playing with predatory animals with strength, speed, fangs, claws, and an appetite for flesh.

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