Do the Democrats Really Care About the “Children?” (Warning: Language)…

Get real.

The ONLY uses Democrats have for children are:

  1. Ingredients for their “spirit cooking

  2. Indoctrinating them to vote for leftist-Commie-evil

  3. Their sick and disgusting habits they call “sex

  4. Abortion, and political props

“Progressives” are one of the main things a parent should protect their children from, along with bears, snakes, terrorists, drowning, etc. Notice all the concern on the left is for illegal alien children, none is shown for the American kids who were raped and murdered by those same “children”…


5 thoughts on “Do the Democrats Really Care About the “Children?” (Warning: Language)…

  1. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    It has gotten so predictable and inane that all you can do is shake your head and wait for the elections to boot these Demorats from office! People need to remember that the polls are your chance to tell them what you think! Do it!

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  2. Does anyone from anywhere think any government anywhere in the world really gives a toss about kids?

    Hang on though, that’s a bit short sighted.
    I can extend that to women, the disabled or handicapped, the sick, poor, coloured, religious (a whole can of worms is that one), Immigrants legal or not, in fact just about everyone and thing that costs them time, money, embarrassment, and inconvenience.

    Heck they even hate tax payers and the rich because they have to be regulated, checked, and fined whenever they can be. That mechanism alone costs ANY government or whatever flavour loads of money.

    Then there are the police who embarrass them occasionally, the armed forces (mucho expensive to run), and the whole civil service who are bound to do something stupid sometime and claim “they were only acting under the orders of the government”. As for the judiciary? A real pain in the backside they are. Just ask Trump about that.

    So trying to put all the blame solely on one flavour is daft when the actions of all politicians AND THEIR MINIONS aka government departments (whose ‘ownership’ toggles between sides of the political spectrum on a regular basis) are just as bad as the other.
    All have ‘dark sides’, all lie, all do stupid things, all limit your freedoms and affect your kids.

    After all mass killings, education system dumbing down, drugs and crime, and ethnic and religious tensions, have been happening over the years no matter who has been in power.

    Now tell me that isn’t so. . . . .

    Still you could just do away with the whole lot of them.
    Just think, no more ‘stupid is as stupid does’, and no more ideology problems ever again.

    Only here is the rub. Whatcha you going to put in it’s place?

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    1. Good points.
      I care about kids, we have one. I suspect others do as well. I’m rather angry at the so-called parents who force-march their children across exceedingly dangerous territory in an effort to enter my nation illegally.
      Again, who does such a thing?
      Turning them immediately around and forcing them to return home would end their efforts after a short time, and a wall would also discourage them from attempting it. Allowing them any hope that they might sneak in or be allowed to stay encourages more dangerous behavior.
      For the sake of their children, and ours, they need to stay home and try and better their own countries rather than sneaking into other nations and attempting to make them into the same sort of corrupt dump they are trying to “escape.”
      Democrats have facilitated the deaths of 30,000,000 or so children through abortion. I don’t think they care for children, minorities, or anyone else…unless they can be used to garner power. There’s some weasels on the other side as well (we call them RINOs), and we are working every day to remove both groups.

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      1. 30 mill abortions eh.
        Ah well, you mentioned it first.

        Now I don’t know how many US women use abortion for convenience. Probably a lot, BUT when you consider there are still places in the ‘civilised world’ where to get an abortion, even to save the mother, is not allowed. That can cause hurt like you wouldn’t belief.

        I attended a funeral after the state (Ireland) refused an abortion and a lovely young mum of two died unnecessarily.

        So that left a father, my best mate incidently, with two nippers under five to be raised without their mum.

        He had to leave the Army (no family to help him), and struggled damn hard to turn out two decent teenagers while holding down FOUR part time jobs. Ever seen someone grow old before their time? I hadn’t till then.

        By now may getting the idea I’m pro-abortion but not for silly little tarts in the US who see a quick scrape as the consequence of a bit of fun, only for genuine reasons.

        Thus one has to be careful quoting facts like that 30 mill because for every propaganda story there is another one WAY MORE closer and personal to someone’s heart than some pointless headline figure..

        Her name? Cathy Arthur, Aged, 23.
        Tom dying on the youngest girls 17th birthday.

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        1. First, may GOD have mercy on them and receive them. Sad story, and I’m sorry about your friend.
          Second, the figures I can find indicate the number of abortions performed in the U.S. to save the life of the mother is 1-2.8%…So being generous and using the 2.8 figure, that leaves 29,160,000 killed for “convenience”, “career”, etc.
          I don’t think many have advocated for banning abortions in the case of rape, incest, or the mother’s life being in jeopardy, though some may have. I’m against allowing someone who stupidly and irresponsibly got pregnant to kill their baby so they can look good at the mall a few weeks down the road…and go get knocked up again. And I’m against being forced to pay for it.


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