Colorado: Death Metal “Demon Clown” Convicted of Murdering Homeless Man With His “Claw Gloves”…

  • Christian Gulzow, 37, found guilty of first-degree murder in May 2017 killing of Denver man Brian Lucero
  • Guzlow was wearing black-and-white clown makeup and knives mounted on his gloves when prosecutors said he slashed Lucero in the neck 
  • Guzlow claimed the homeless man attacked him and tried to steal his scooter
  • Guzlow, who sang in a death-metal band, faces up to 48 years in prison 

A death-metal singer from Denver who was wearing claw-like gloves and clown-style makeup has been found guilty of stabbing a homeless man to death in Denver.

The Denver District Attorney’s office says a jury on Monday found 37-year-old Christian Gulzow guilty of second-degree murder, following a four-day trial.

Prosecutors say Gulzow fatally stabbed 29-year-old Brian Lucero with blades attached to his gloves in the parking lot of Torchy’s Tacos on May 23, 2017.

Police have said that witnesses reported seeing a man with white clown makeup with black streaks threatening Lucero, who was living on the streets, in a nearby convenience store.

Authorities have said Gulzow followed Lucero when he left the store. Lucero was later found with a mortal stab wound to his neck.

After the assault, Guzlow took off on his scooter, but was later found a few blocks away thanks to Denver’s system of surveillance cameras.

Police say that when they found Guzlow, his clothes were covered in blood.

Gulzow was then taken into police custody.

He told interrogators that he was threatened by the homeless victim who yelled at him ‘to get out of my alley.’

Gulzow told police that Lucero attacked him and stole his scooter.

Gulzow said he may have hurt Lucero when he tackled him as the 29-year-old vagrant was driving away on Gulzow’s scooter.

He also acknowledged that he may have cut Lucero while he jabbed him with his ‘clawed glove.’

Witnesses at the scene, however, told a different story, according to police, claiming that Gulzow took swings at Lucero with 2- to 3-inch blades mounted on his gloves, reported Belleville News-Democrat.

Gulzow, who has a jail nickname, Diablo, has a lengthy history of run-ins with the law.

His record includes numerous convictions on domestic violence and assault charges, as well as a felony count of menacing with a deadly weapon.

The 37-year-old father-of-one worked at a local pizza restaurant and sang in a death-metal band, where he went by the name Christöf Gülzowprüzenstein.


He was known in the area for riding his scooter while dressed as a demonic clown, a vampire or a ghoul.

Gulzow is scheduled to be sentenced in the Lucero murder on August 10. The district attorney’s office says he faces up to 48 years in prison.

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Mr. Guzlow is a evil little man…

Gulzow was a familiar figure on the local death-metal scene by way of his association with a band called the Undertakers, whose vocalist, Zombgora Lilith, described him as “the short f*ckhead that dressed like the devil at our shows.” She added, “Hope this piece of sh*t burns in hell for this.”
Guzlow performing with the Undertakers…

More details about Gulzow were shared with Westword by Zombgora, who recalled during an interview last year that “he made multiple accounts on Facebook just to threaten me. He would say, ‘I’ll slit your throat’ — threaten me, threaten my kids, threaten to go to some of our shows and shoot up everybody. It got to the point where I was going to get a restraining order. He’s an awful person — an awful person.”

“He was obsessed with the devil, with demons, with the occult, stuff like that,” Zombgora added about Gulzow, who used the nickname Diablo. “And he’s obsessed with weaponry, too. He’s got a lot of issues.”

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Christian Gulzow, right, with Zombgora Lilith and Boo the Ghost of the Undertakers

3 thoughts on “Colorado: Death Metal “Demon Clown” Convicted of Murdering Homeless Man With His “Claw Gloves”…

    1. Since John Wayne Gacy…the “killer clown,” clown masks have made a steady march toward the point where I now consider them a sign of evil, and the wearer a threat. Sad, but there’s example after example of the “scary clown” actually turning out to be a scary clown!

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  1. I never knew Making videos in your bedroom screaming with a lava lamp on makes you a Death metal singer haha. He wasn’t a musician at all. So stop saying he was. I let him be on stage with my band the undertakers in his devil costume. He didn’t do anything musically Besides screaming in the camera in his bedroom with a lava lamp on and posting it on social media lol

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