London: 4 Kids Stabbed, One Disemboweled…

Yet another day in sunny London, where the sophisticated British people have come up with the most civilized way to deal with their problems:

  1. Disarm the British citizenry

  2. Import hundreds of thousands of savage Muslims dedicated to destroying Britain

  3. Elect a Muslim Mayor

  4. Ban the truth

  5. Get raped and shot

  6. Ban guns

  7. Get raped and stabbed

  8. Ban knives

  9. Get run over

  10.  Ban cars

  11. Get attacked with acid

  12. Get attacked in their own homes

  13. Punish anyone who fights back

  14. Lock up anyone who talks about whats occurring


Cheerio mate!

Jolly good show!

It should be obvious why I take no note at all of any advice or opinions on politics from across the pond now, as the one simple solution to ALL your violence problems, the one solution that’s staring you right in the face…totally escapes you.

You’ve set about banning every weapon, automobile, and every freedom you once had in an attempt to stop them from being used to murder your fellow citizens by the Muslim “refugees” you’ve flooded your country with. Yet they still kill you, and each other.

Perhaps you should ban Muslims?

Oh, I suppose that’s too crude for you. Too uncivilized. Too much like what an American “cowboy” would do.

Ponder this as you hide behind your doors sipping tea…is being afraid to go outside civilized?

Don’t you tire of the blood, the screams, and the sirens?

Did you have any of these problems before your globalist minded leaders allowed this horde to invade?

Please, feel free to look down your noses at the U.S. and condescendingly advise us so that we might benefit from your lofty, sophisticated intellects.

I pray for your nation to throw out the limp-wristed, devil-worshiping, child-raping globalists who are taking your freedoms and destroying what was once a great nation.

I pray that you’re restored your rights, including the most fundamental GOD given right of all mankind…the right to defend yourself and your household.

Oh, and if you see sissy-panties Steele…punch him in the face for me. He’s a traitor to Britain, and tried to screw up our election here.

And he’s most definitely on the wrong side.

Witnesses described seeing a group of around 30 teenagers involved in a mass knife fight on the Camberwell estate last night.

Two of the four children, aged 15 and 16, suffered injuries to their torsos while another had cuts to his arm and the fourth was injured on the leg.

One of the children was left with his intestines hanging out and remains in critical condition in hospital.

Susan Model, 20, who watched the incident unfold from a ground floor flat, said: ‘Police were trying to calm it down and move people away from the ones on the floor but it didn’t go well.

“All of a sudden a load of police came from nowhere running and got everybody away.”

‘There was a black guy with no top and he said something like “I’m going to f**king kill him” and about five officers chased after him as he ran off.

‘In the end they took him away because he was raging. When I first came out he was on the floor with one of the people who had been stabbed.

‘Two or three police vans turned up before the ambulance did. We saw four people, three of them lying on the ground and one of them being walked off.

‘I heard two got their stomach cut open – there was two stomach, one leg and one arm – because you could hear the conversations that were going on.

‘It was manic, it was completely manic, there were a lot of black boys shouting, screaming, you had neighbours worried because we didn’t know if we knew them.

‘We don’t know who’s who anymore. You don’t know who to trust. Apparently they weren’t from the estate.

‘When they got picked up and taken away the floor was covered in blood. The police said the stomach wound looked life-threatening.’

Another said: ‘Ten minutes before the stabbing I saw a whole heap of youths run down that way. Then 10 minutes later I heard people shouting and bawling out the back there.

‘When I looked round the back there, I saw the youth come running from the block. He came to the corner and dropped.

‘He was holding his belly and all of his intestines were falling on the ground.’

A mother who lives on the Elmington Estate, said a two-foot blade was recovered from the scene yards from her flat.

She said: “What really scared me was the size of the knife. It was on the ground before the police bagged it up. Where are they getting these knives? It was like a machete.”

“The handle was black. There was blood on it.”

‘Then one of the police was shouting ‘Knife! Knife!’ and about seven of them ran over to the car park.’

The victims are not thought to live on the estate but neighbours said a garden area concealed from view by the flats has become a place for them to hang out.

Via: Metro

10 thoughts on “London: 4 Kids Stabbed, One Disemboweled…

    1. Nope.
      It was a travel ban on a few countries, one is not a Muslim country, and upheld by our Supreme Court.
      It was never a “Muslim ban,” though we obviously need one.
      We actually did ban ALL immigration from Muslim countries from 1790 until the 60s, and Democrat Ted Kennedy screwed that up.
      Interestingly, three years later a Muslim murdered his brother, Bobby (Robert).

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yet you still let them reside there? Interesting.
        I would have thought them all deported by now.
        Except, rather like the UK, you can’t.
        Ain’t life a bitch.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. We could, if we get the left out of the way! Our larger enemy who must be dealt with first is the Democrat party, whose core beliefs and platform defy logic, reason, facts, and science. I thought you might hit me with “what about the violence in Chicago.” The answer is the same. Remove the Democrat controlled cities from our stats and we have one of the lowest crime rates on the planet.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Violence in Chicago? Why would I comment? That’s your side of the puddle and not likely to affect us.

            I see where you are coming from about your ‘little problem’ but this ain’t down to left or right politics it’s about the judiciary and the law.

            Our whole system for ‘everything’ is PC, multicultural, full of appeasement policies, and dripping wet. Something that has evolved from a two party system and an entrenched civil service.

            Thus you’ve got to love the simplicity of a simple dictatorship.

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  1. “Did you have any of these problems before…”
    Actually they did. The impunity for criminals in not-so-great Britain was finally secured in 1997 with effective ban of guns and self-defense.

    And that’s the reason why Islamist (and BTW not only Islamist) thugs love NSGB that much. Take them away, and their place will be quickly taken by native, 100% British chavs. Ever heard a story of Sophie Lancaster? Islamists are not so much of a problem as libtard politicians who encourage thuggery and harass law-abiding citizens.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All true.
      I think they had enough problems without importing more though. Most of their crime was “soccer hooligans” and the like. They’ve had to step up their game to compete with the imports (by arming themselves).
      Definitely agree about taking the citizens right to self defense, and the tools to exercise that right. Taking away firearms and other tools is no more than laying out a “welcome mat” to the criminal element. Couple that with light sentencing from liberal judges, and I think that’s enough to sway more people towards just taking whatever they want by violence.
      Long ago, before Jesus got a better grip on me…I was a thug. I ALWAYS knew that trying to sneak on the wrong property could result in getting shot. I know for a fact that it’s a deterrent.

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