Woman Treed by Wolves, Wildlife Officials Debate for 45 Minutes Before Starting Rescue…

Wolves are an important part of the ecosystem in many states. As predators, they work to keep prey animal populations down, and that is an important role. Humans can only hunt so many elk, deer, and moose in a year, after all. Natural predation is a much better method since wolves have all day to be predators while humans can only do it when it’s convenient.

That said, wolves aren’t so important to any ecosystem, in my opinion, that you should risk human life over the lives of a few wolves. However, that’s precisely what Washington wildlife officials did recently.

On 12 July, 2018, a salmon researcher was treed by a pack of wolves in a Washington state wilderness area. She tried pepper spray and yelling, but the pack surrounded her and she climbed a tree. She later climbed down, only to find the wolves still there. She scrambled back up the tree and called for rescue, about 12:30 p.m. From capitalpress.com:

Washington wildlife managers initially opposed sending a helicopter or a search-and-rescue team to save a woman treed by wolves in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, according to recordings and summaries of emergency calls obtained Tuesday.

The Department of Natural Resources pushed back and prepared to dispatch an air crew that eventually executed a swift rescue. Notes from a call between DNR dispatcher Jill Jones and a wildlife officer summarized WDFW’s position, and her position, shortly before the helicopter launched.

“No helicopter. Federally listed species. 3 WDFW personnel saying so,” according to DNR’s call log.

“We are more concerned for her life than the listed animal,” Jones told the officer. “He indicated that she is safe up in the tree. … I told him that we do not know how safe she is. I don’t know how stout the tree is, and if the limbs will continue to hold her or how long she can hold on.”

Later reports show the woman to be a seasonal employee engaged in salmon research. She was not a student. She was not at the Okonagan County campground, but miles away from it. The helicopter likely arrived about an hour after the researcher called for help. The Capital Press report records about 45 minutes of debate preceded sending the helicopter.

I’m sorry, but the life of a human takes precedence in a situation like this. You don’t debate about saving someone for crying out loud, and you don’t leave a human in a dangerous situation because there are some threatened species on the ground. What kind of moron thinks this is something you do?

The problem is, this kind of “thinking” is happening more and more. Usually, it’s more of a hypothetical thing, but plenty prioritize animal life over humans. Yes, that includes people who support the eradication of the human race so animals can run free.

Luckily, those people are rare. What’s far less rare, however, are people like these wildlife officials who were just fine leaving a woman at risk because there’s a chance someone might have to shoot one of the wolves.


Luckily, it worked out fine all around, but only because the right decision was eventually reached. It just shouldn’t have taken any debate in the first place.

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9 thoughts on “Woman Treed by Wolves, Wildlife Officials Debate for 45 Minutes Before Starting Rescue…

  1. Same shit goes on over here in Europe. The return of bears and wolves are actually welcomed in these circles and they do everything they can to protect these creatures my ancestors were happy to ged rid of.
    Meanwhile the predator population got big enough threatening traditional Alpine agriculture with its seasonal mountain pastures.
    It’s just a matter of time until not only cows and sheep are falling prey to a bear or a wolf pack.
    The wolves have started to roam prealpine lands and their damage is mounting.
    Yet, a wolf mustn’t be shot. First it has to be determined wther certain wolves are “being used to the presence of humans” and if they actually “seek out human settlements” as their favorite hunting grounds.
    You have to understand that there is no vast wilderness anywhere in the European Alps. Also there’s really a great many hunters even in the remote villages of Germany and Austria. Italy doesn’t have that many hunters. I guess France should have many since the French have a pretty liberal gun law compared to Germany.
    Never before in human history so many people lived in the European Alps – even regions our forefathers deemed unsafe because of the threat of avalanches are populated. There is simply not enough space for predators in the Alps.

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    1. Crazy right?
      We JUST got rid of the freakin’ wolves, panthers, etc. so that our kids and livestock wouldn’t be eaten, and now liberals are bringing them back.
      As “protected.”
      What always amazes me is that the people who clamor for this madness, people who actually think that “rats have rights” (I actually saw a woman with that on a sign), wouldn’t last ten hours in the wild before they were eaten.
      Hunters and farmers know more about nature and are better at conservation/ preservation than the weirdos who hate the hunters and farmers and think they are saving nature.
      Hunters LOVE nature, and protect it. Farmers as well. They have to.
      Also consider that mankind is also part of nature. A human who cuts down trees, builds a home, and cultivates (and hunts) the land is just as natural as a bear who finds a den, marks his territory, and hunts for food…or a bird who collects twigs and builds a nest. Concrete is just sand, gravel, water, and cement…all natural.

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      1. These crazies become all hysterical if some animal isnt being held according to standards and preach veganism to “save the planet”. The very same types become cheerful of some country abolishes strict abortion laws (like Ireland). They don’t really see any problem to kill their own kids but fall all over themselves to “save the whales”.
        These very same schizophrenics demand leniency whenever some “asylum seeker” performs a criminal deed but would love seeing whitey being burned At the stake for the same act. They volunteer to do averything in their powers so that refugees can live with „dignity“ but would never even wiggle so much as a finger for a homeless bum – it’s his fault, isn’t it?
        These people hate their own people, hate Whites and actually hate all humankind for sometimes one can hear them telling one another how good this planet would be and what relief it was for „mother nature“ if mankind was gone.
        So who are the haters?
        They grew far too strong and are being overrepresented by mass media and having too much poisonous influence on our children and our society.
        Time to pull out the rug under them.

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        1. But…what about the poor vegetables???
          Doesn’t the carrots and lettuce have rights?
          Salads are MURDER!!!
          Sir, everything you said is true, and I’m trying to pull the rug out from under them and drop them back into the pit they slithered out of…Or open their eyes and save them from themselves. I know you are trying to wake people up as well.

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          1. As incredible it may sound some nutcases really feel stuck in that very dilemma – but take heart: there’s frugovan! These people only eat what mother nature gives them voluntarily. Like nuts, apples, grains and the like.
            I think the time for waking people up has gone. The treadful state our societies are in is so evident that really everyone with just a little brain must realize that we’re headed to the gutter. Everyone still managing keeping his eyes closed is either willfully ignorant or too degenerated. Both are useless for fighting against that genocidal trap we‘re in and for rebuilding our cultures in the aftermath.

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            1. I have searched and searched, but I haven’t been able to find a PETA pamphlet I once had. Among the madness it contained was a gem about why we shouldn’t eat chickens. It honestly said that if chickens aren’t eaten, and they’re left alone…they will organize and play a game similar to baseball!
              I’m not joking!!!
              Chickens play baseball!!!
              First, I’m “hill-folk,” part wild pioneer, part wild Injun. Grew up on a farm, and I never saw a chicken baseball game.
              Second, even if they could play baseball I would still fry them up and eat them.
              Yum! That chicken sure hit a home run! First, this afternoon…then later at supper.
              There’s a place for ALL GOD’s creatures…
              Next to the taters and gravy.


  2. I dont know much about wildlife etc, but as “Notwende” points out, those wolfs could get a tast for hunting humans again. Regardless of ones view on wolfs and bears in nature, it would make sence to deal with those animals who becomes “human hunters”.
    Only countries like Norway, Sweden and Finland has about as few people per km2 as USA and Canada, here in Europe.

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    1. I like wolves and other predators, respect them and how they hunt, and think some are beautiful animals…but when they threaten a human, I’m on the human’s side.
      I can’t understand the debate on saving this lady. No wolves were even harmed. I wonder if the wildlife official would have the same hesitation to scatter the wolves if SHE was the one clinging to a tree branch while the doggies were making dinner plans.

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