This is Who They Are: Meet the Democrat “Father of the Year”…

Lets see:

  1. Idiot…CHECK!

  2. Has trouble making a sentence…CHECK!

  3. Says f*ck in public…CHECK!

  4. Encourages violence against a child…CHECK!

  5. Bad parent…CHECK!

  6. Full of hate…CHECK!

  7. Bully…CHECK!

  8. Encourages a child to act inappropriately…CHECK!

Yep! He’s a Democrat…


6 thoughts on “This is Who They Are: Meet the Democrat “Father of the Year”…

    1. Then “dad” and “daughter” learn a valuable lesson about personal property, and keeping their hands to themselves.
      A lesson that may save their lives in the future.
      Face it…some people need an ass-whoopin’.
      Need it REAL bad.
      Without being taught self-control, they could do something that gets them really hurt…like running out in traffic.
      Or picking on the right man’s child or wife.

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    1. Wow, nice Latin! Thanks for the re-blog, as always.
      This guy just infuriates me, and again I wish the kid had popped him a good one. He’s pretty big, and tatted up…But I bet he would have just cried, and his “daughter” would put up more of a fight. That would have been a great video.

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